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the branch of medicine dealing with the heart and its diseases

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2 microdeletion in children with conotruncal heart defects: Frequency, associated cardiovascular anomalies, and outcome following cardiac surgery.
3 Total 30 100 Table 6: Distribution of Cases in Cardiovascular Anomalies Cardiovascular Anomalies No.
Current studies have shown that use of folic acid in pregnancy is also effective in preventing cardiovascular anomalies (2).
spinal bifida), and cardiovascular anomalies (Rasmussen, Chu, Kim, Schmid, & Lau, 2008; Stothard, Tennant, Bell, & Rankin, 2009).
Cardiovascular anomalies (mitral valve prolapse, mitral regurgitation, and aortic regurgitation) may occur.
Classical Turner's syndrome (TS) is characterized by sexual infantilism, webbed neck, short stature, peripheral edema, lymph edema, renal and cardiovascular anomalies, gonadal dysplasia and learning disability (Zinn et al.
5) Echocardiogram or arteriography can be used to assess the possibility of concurrent cardiovascular anomalies.
A detailed cardiac evaluation must be performed in all patients demonstrating the characteristic features of Williams syndrome because of the high frequency of cardiovascular anomalies and sudden death.
Congenital brevicollis (Klippel-Feil syndrome) and cardiovascular anomalies.
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