cardiac arrest

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absence of systole

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He defined cardiorespiratory arrest as abrupt loss of heart function, breathing and consciousness.
Later, he developed respiratory dysfunction, multisystem organ failure and had a cardiorespiratory arrest. He died at the age of 9 days.
Aspiration cytology from the ulcer was suggested to confirm soft tissue infiltration which is occasionally seen in this type of leukaemia, but the patient developed cor pulmonale and died of cardiorespiratory arrest.
They found only one claim with cardiorespiratory arrest attributable to eye block although there were another seven instances where cardiac or respiratory arrest followed an eye block.
CDI related to cardiorespiratory arrest and anoxic brain injury has been reported but appears to be an overlooked complication [3-7].
She suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest, and was resuscitated, intubated and ventilated in the ICU.
For birds undergoing cataract removal, complications included successfully treated cardiorespiratory arrest intraoperatively (1/12, 8.3%) as well as postanesthetic complications of acute respiratory distress and tracheal stricture (2/12, 16.7%).
He said: "There is no doubt that earlier treatment in Tony's case may well have resulted in a different outcome, and it's particularly true if that treatment had been before the onset of cardiorespiratory arrest."
The hypothetical situation described above is modified from an actual case in which a 39-year-old man with acromegaly and sleep apnea died from cardiorespiratory arrest (Cornett v.
The hypothetical situation described above is substantially modified from an actual case in which a 39-year-old man with acromegaly and sleep apnea died from cardiorespiratory arrest (Cornett v.
"After a morning of intense treatment we were informed Thomas was in a stable condition but an hour or so later Thomas suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest and died.
By the time an ambulance arrived he was in cardiorespiratory arrest. Di Stefano had previously been hospitalised for similar episodes and underwent emergency quadruple heart by-pass surgery after a heart attack in 2005.
Case 40-2012: A 43-year-old woman with cardiorespiratory arrest after a cesarean section.
This was a multicentre questionnaire survey used to assess knowledge of radiologists and radiology residents in managing adult cardiorespiratory arrest.