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the branch of medicine dealing with the heart and its diseases

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One way to look at this is to say, 'Wow, look how great cardiologists are doing.
Cardiologists from Rashid Hospital have performed three live procedures that were transmitted to more than 20,000 cardiologists in Paris on Thursday.
She presented the results of a survey of 200 primary care physicians and 100 cardiologists, all in practice for 3 or more years.
Most (87%) of the surveyed primary care physicians and 82% of the cardiologists were favorably disposed to the campaign and the notion of physician education programs to address practice gaps in women's heart risk assessment.
Witham is licensed for 80 beds and has cardiologists on site during business hours to assess patients, implant stents and perform other procedures.
Once you advance beyond just having risk factors to actually dealing with conditions such as coronary artery disease (CAD) or Afib, you should consider seeing a cardiologist and perhaps other specialists, depending on your needs.
PeaceHealth surgeons and NCC cardiologists have worked together in the center since then and the integration between the two organizations is the next step in that partnership.
After all, the earlier technological implementation of cardiac CT, electron beam CT, was practiced by both cardiologists and radiologists, but the cardiologists won control of the patients.
In a separate study, interventional cardiologists in New Zealand and Europe have implanted degradable stents into 30 patients who had developed dangerously narrow coronary arteries.
There are numerous reasons for the higher incidence of mortality from cardiovascular disease in African Americans, including economic issues, access to medical care and lifestyle issues, genetic differences also play a role, notes Atlanta cardiologist Jayne Middlebrooks, MD, director of cardiology, Health Screen America, and a member of the Association of Black Cardiologists.
THE Irish Cardiac Society is calling on every member of the public to learn CPR - because Ireland has too few cardiologists.
When it comes to the heart, cardiologists say men and women really are different.
Cardiologists have found conditions that predict much greater risk of death in persons with HIV.
Willing to leave little to chance, Palank persuaded a group of Army cardiologists to write him a letter of recommendation for a cardiology position in Germany.
Patients admitted by cardiologists had fewer comorbid conditions and less severe AMIs.