circulatory system

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New data indicate role of estrogens and ER in the function of the cardio-vascular system.
Today's guests expect to be able to work out after a hard day's toil and increasingly, they are as body conscious as any Westerner, determined to flatten that tummy and keep the cardio-vascular system healthy.
99), a sixty minute innovative workout which addresses specific exercise-based benefits for the cardio-vascular system.
After all you've got to be extremely fit and have an excellent cardio-vascular system to dance upside down under water.
After pregnancy, women can use the 'Chi machine' in the store which improves the cardio-vascular system, aids lymphatic drainage and helps beat the baby blues.
The chapter on fitness starts with a detailed explanation of the workings of a horse's respiratory and cardio-vascular system.
Garlic is also considered to be a star performer for the way it works on the cardio-vascular system, reducing high levels of cholesterol.