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The persons suffering cardio vascular disease should be encouraged to eat well-balanced meals including steamed, boiled, grilled and baked lean meat, fish, Vegetables, pulses, fruits and low fat products, Provide at least five daily servings of vegetables and fruits, offer water, low fat milk or fresh, unsweetened fruit juices to drink rather than soft drinks, they added.
Total quantity or scope of tender: Cardio vascular equipment
Fasih Hashmi said that though cardio vascular disease is a life long illness however with change of life style and compliance with medication, the patient can live a normal life.
For the last three years it has been part of the Move4Life programme, a County Durham County Council Public Health and County Durham Sport initiative, which has successfully helped over 13,000 people at risk of cardio vascular disease and type 2 diabetes.
Cycling is another great cardio vascular exercise and has become increasingly popular for commuters - it's certainly a great way to squeeze in a morning workout on the way to work.
The Centre for Thoracic and Cardio Vascular Care at MIOT Hospitals is part of its comprehensive cardiac care unit - The MIOT Institute of Cardiac Care.
Many people think that boxing is mostly about arms, but it is an excellent cardio vascular workout for the whole body.
Cardio Vascular Medical Device has developed a technology that provides several advantages over the current guidewires being employed in angioplasty procedures," stated Eli Gonen, CEO of Cardio Vascular Medical Device Corp.
At the request of users most of the cardio vascular equipment in the new extension will have screens fitted to allow people to watch television programmes while getting fit.
Launched in 1978, "Clinical Cardiology" is a monthly journal that offers information on advances in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, namely how clinical cardio vascular research translates into practice, interventional techniques, pathology, pharmacology, biochemistry, and rehabilitation.
The researchers studied the blood of 3,789 men and women who are enrolled in the Framingham Offspring Study, a decades-long investigation of risk factors for cardio vascular disease.
The most common ailments that led to bankruptcies were cardio vascular diseases, such as high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack, and orthopedic problems, often from accidents.
Found at the gym will be a cafe offering healthy protein shakes and sandwiches for fitness enthusiasts, two studios for step, kickboxing, yoga and pilates classes, a wide mix of state-of-the-art cardio vascular and nautilus machines and a Classic Gold's free weights station.
The soccer chief, whose team is currently enjoying success in the top half of the Vauxhall Conference, took time out from a busy training schedule to visit Abbey Sports and Leisure Club's new cardio vascular studio.
specializes in non-invasive cardio vascular monitoring and has already started generating revenue.