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Earlier, CM Shah requested Bilawal to approve a proposal for renaming NICVD to Sindh Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases.
"In the given scenario of rising cardio vascular diseases, we, at Aviva, aim to sensitize our employees on the need to lead a healthy life.
29 July 2013 - Norwegian biomarine company Hofseth Biocare ASA (OSL:HBC) has demonstrated in a study that oxidised low-density lipoprotein, oxLDL-GP, is a key cardio vascular desease (CVD) marker for tracking family history of the disease, the company said today.
For the last three years it has been part of the Move4Life programme, a County Durham County Council Public Health and County Durham Sport initiative, which has successfully helped over 13,000 people at risk of cardio vascular disease and type 2 diabetes.
Analysts point out that by 2030 that 23 million people will die from Cardio Vascular Diseases (CVD) annually.
| If we're looking to lose weight, tone up or simply improve your fitness then regular cardio vascular exercise should be an essential part of your regime alongside a healthy diet.
Many people think that boxing is mostly about arms, but it is an excellent cardio vascular workout for the whole body.
Cardio Vascular Medical Device holds a US patent for an innovative next-generation "steerable guidewire" applicable for all angioplasty (PCTA) procedures.
Now doctors at Solihull and Heartlands hospitals, run by Heart of England Foundation NHS Trust, are hoping to recruit up to 50 local patients to join the 4,000 people involved in a UK-wide five-year pounds 1.1million trial to find out if giving them statins can cut numbers affected by cardio vascular diseases.
Metabolic drugs topped the list at $38 billion, cardio vascular drugs cost $33 billion, psychotherapeutic drugs cost more than $ 17 billion, and hormones cost $ 14 billion.
The college's gym at the Broadway Campus is equipped with the latest cardio vascular training machines, free weights, resistance machines and exercise equipment.
At the request of users most of the cardio vascular equipment in the new extension will have screens fitted to allow people to watch television programmes while getting fit.
Launched in 1978, "Clinical Cardiology" is a monthly journal that offers information on advances in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, namely how clinical cardio vascular research translates into practice, interventional techniques, pathology, pharmacology, biochemistry, and rehabilitation.
The researchers studied the blood of 3,789 men and women who are enrolled in the Framingham Offspring Study, a decades-long investigation of risk factors for cardio vascular disease.
The most common ailments that led to bankruptcies were cardio vascular diseases, such as high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack, and orthopedic problems, often from accidents.