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one of the seven preeminent virtues

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In it, Howard suggests the description of magnificence in Antoninus's Summa was taken from a thirteenth-century tract on the cardinal virtues written by Henry of Rimini, the Dominican prior of SS.
After reviewing Aquinas's treatment of the four cardinal virtues, she compares the approach to medical practice that results from virtue ethics, broadly, to that resulting from deontology and consequentialism.
For example, we find the chapter on "Bodaisatta Shishobo," translated by some as "The Cardinal Virtues of the Bodhisattva.
This conference has invited papers that consider literary approaches to one or more of the theological virtues (faith, hope, and love) and the cardinal virtues (justice, wisdom, temperance, and courage).
A certain number of those values can be legislated, and they are summarised in the Ten Commandments; some have even entered our cultural heritage and are summarised by the 'seven cardinal virtues.
The classical division of the moral virtues that Aquinas adopts identifies four cardinal virtues, which represent four modes of pursuing the good according to the natural inclinations of the human being.
Prudence is one of the four cardinal virtues and is defined as the ability to act in a just and proper way.
Honesty is one of the seven cardinal virtues, but any impertinent rogue can proclaim: "I am honest, and everyone else a liar".
The true virtues at the core of the profession of arms are the cardinal virtues - of wisdom, justice, courage and temperance.
The other part of it, which I might call the richer part of it is we've been doing a series on the cardinal virtues [prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance] that Catholic University incardinates," he added.
I discuss the virtue of prudence, building on the classic work of Joseph Pieper in The Four Cardinal Virtues.
aaa According to the foreign minister, these resolutions have proved that negotiations should take into account the constructive and credible efforts made by Morocco since 2006, and call on the parties to engage in substantial negotiations on the Sahara, based on realism and the spirit of compromise, two cardinal virtues of the Moroccan initiative.
In earlier EMA studies focused on the effectiveness of IT risk control, research indicates that the highest performers have four cardinal virtues in common: 1) They define IT risk management and compliance objectives; 2) They actually implement them; 3) They investigate the environment to monitor and assess their effectiveness; and 4) They enforce adherence to requirements -- through education and positive incentives, as well as through negative consequences for deviations.
Topics include the ethical concepts expressed in early commentaries, ideas about moral and intellectual virtues in the earliest Latin commentaries, and notions in the Naples Commentary; concepts about heroic virtue and the Aristotelian theory of friendship in the second half of the thirteenth century; commentary on the cardinal virtues, politics and virginity in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries; and the teaching of ethics at the University of Vienna in the fifteenth century.
6) Likewise, Musonius exemplifies his claim through the four cardinal virtues, going against traditional prejudice especially in the case of andreia itself: he asserts that it is not at all a prerogative of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.