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Three interesting exhibits are the zooxanthellae (or "zoox"), plantlike organisms that live inside coral polyps, gobbleguts, a type of cardinal fish, and the anemonefish--can you find 'Nemo'?
Damselfish and cardinal fish living in C[O.sub.2]-rich waters ventured farther from home and hid out less in their coral shelters than did fish from low-gas waters, she and colleagues found.
Cardinal Fish Bar is even using the colours of Cardinal Griffin High in Cannock, Staffordshire, on its shop signs.
Most cardinal fish genera and species have lost a visible eighth spine, either hidden under the skin as an extremely short spine, a hidden nubbin no longer spine-like, or complete loss of the ossified spine (Fraser 1972: pl.
Five Bangai Cardinal fish were the only casualties and have now been placed in quarantine because of their condition.