Cardinal Richelieu

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French prelate and statesman

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Chapter four focuses on the establishment of the commercial theatre in Paris in 1630-40, a period influenced by the 'rehabilitation' project of Cardinal de Richelieu, who was a fan of the theatre and co-opted it for his cultural policy.
To this effect, Katherine Ibbett reexamines Corneille and his generation of playwrights in the light of reason-of-state political thought, including polemical texts that emerged during the Fronde (1648-52) and Counter-Reformation, Machiavellian politics, colonial policies, and the cardinal de Richelieu's political legacy.
7-15; Ferdinando Reyna, Des origines du ballet (Paris, 1955); Gabriel Hanotaux and the duc de La Force, Histoire du Cardinal de Richelieu, 6 volumes (Paris, 1893-1947), II, part 1, pp.
Academie Francaise French literary academy, established by the French first minister Cardinal de Richelieu in 1634 and incorporated in 1635, and existing, except for an interruption during the era of the French Revolution, to the present day.
de Caumont, Histoire du cardinal de Richelieu. 6 vols.
cardinal de Richelieu, how much less acquisitive must one be not to be