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English prelate and theologian who (with John Keble and Edward Pusey) founded the Oxford movement

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And the body was covered with soft mould - as requested by Cardinal Newman - to speed up decomposition.
In the Fourth Division, Alumni managed a 2-0 win against Rhein while Cardinal Newman triumphed 5-2 against Kingsford and DLS just got the better of Old Cathinians 2-1.
He said he turned to prayer after seeing a TV documentary on the life of Cardinal Newman.
Heightening awareness of the ways in which groups like the Cardinal Newman Society, the Knights of Columbus and other conservative Catholic organizations work to suppress diversity of opinion or even questioning within our church is of vital importance for all who believe that faithfulness to the Gospel does not demand unthinking obedience to doctrine.
Stephen Sundborg might have been speaking about the Cardinal Newman Society, but he voiced the feelings of many alienated Catholics toward the powers-that-be when he said: "We do not pay attention to them, give them credence, and they do not influence our decisions or policies."
Cardinal Newman was twinned with the Ugandan school in 2004 as part of the successful PONT project which aims to strengthen relationships and share good practice between the two schools.
I'D like to thank the pupils and teachers at Cardinal Newman High School in Bellshill, Lanarkshire, for making me so welcome during my visit last week.
Abbotsford, the Scottish Borders home of novelist Sir Walter Scott, was visited by Cardinal Newman in 1852 and again in 1872, with the Cardinal giving two ornate vestments to Mary Monica the daughter of Abbotsford's owners, the Hope Scott family.
Cardinal Newman's major publication, The Idea of a University, was written in the 1850s and is credited in helping form many of the ideas which governed higher education in the decades that followed.
Deacon Jack Sullivan, 71, revealed that after he was diagnosed with severe spinal disc and vertebrae deformities, a condition, which left him "bent double", and in "excruciating pain", he began praying to Cardinal Newman for help.
Cardinal Newman converted from the Church of England to the Roman Catholic Church in the 19th century and beatification would bring him a step closer to becoming England's first non-martyred saint since the Reformation.
The Pope has signed a decree, stating that the healing of a man's serious back condition was due to Cardinal Newman's intercession.
A 13-year-old girl suffered leg injuries and two teachers' cars were dented in the 20-minute stand-off at Cardinal Newman RC Comprehensive in Pontypridd.
The Cardinal Newman Society for the Preservation of Catholic Higher Education maintains that "the essential elements of a Catholic education have been discarded for the sake of a mistaken notion of academic freedom." The society's stance dovetails with a document issued by the Vatican last year that urged Catholic schools to strengthen their lies to the church.