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There is a higher range of shellfish taxa in Phase 1, and limpets (Acmaeidae & Patellidae) and the bivalves Cardiidae, Paphies striata and Soletellina tumens are restricted to this phase.
Most of the marine species in this new freshwater mass became extinct, but some adapted to life in the lower salinity, among them mollusks like the zebra mussels (family Dreissenidae) and the cockles, or heart clams (family Cardiidae).
Both Dinocardium robustum and Laevicardium mortoni are in the family Cardiidae. Sizes for these specimens ranged from D-stage to postlarval (88-381 [micro]m) based on the limited information available on some of the samples (Figs.
Adams, 1852) Veneroida Cardiidae Americardia x x guppyi (Thiele, 1910) Americardia x x x media (Linnaeus, 1758) * Dallocardia x x muricata (Linnaeus, 1758) Laevicardium x x x serratum (Linnaeus, 1758) * Lucinidae sp.
3 10 60-70 AA-43064 C -- 4 4 20-30 AA-43065 S Cardiidae 4 4 30-40 AA-43063 B human 4 10 60-70 AA-43062 B human 4 10 70-80 AA-43061 B human 4 10 80-90 AA-45891 B human 4 10 70-90 OS-35163 C -- 4 10 80-90 GX-30426 C -- E2S1 1 0-20 GX-30427 C -- E2S1 4 40-50 GX-30428 C -- E3S1 5A 30-40 [sup.13]C/ [sup.12]C measured Lab No.
Several species of marine bivalves in the family Cardiidae harbor symbiotic dinoflagellates that belong to the genus Symbiodinium.
Giant clams (Cardiidae: Tridacnidae) are highly emblematic, heavily targeted coral reef species throughout their Indo-Pacific distribution, from East Africa and the Red Sea to the central Pacific Ocean (bin Othman et al.
La revision de estas ultimas piezas confirma como tales artefactos un ejemplar de Littorina obtusata, otro de Nassarius reticulatus y uno m s de la familia Cardiidae (Alvarez Fernandez, 2006).
The basis for a functional response to variable food quantity and quality in cockles Cerastoderma edule (Bivalvia, Cardiidae).
Less well known clams harboring zooxanthellae belong to the genera Corculum (Kawaguti, 1950) and Fragum (Kawaguti, 1983a; Ohno et al., 1995) in the family Cardiidae. No bivalve in any other family has been reported to have a symbiotic relationship with zooxanthellae.