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A similar study done on modern and Holocene shells of the Cardiidae Trachycardium procerum from shell middens of northern Peru shows a decrease of -1.
family Cardiidae Geographical From Baja distribution California, (Alamo & Mexico, to Valdivieso Bahia 1987, Guzman et Independencia, al.
Chromosome numbers in Heterodonta are variable and include principally diploid cytotypes with 2n from 20 in Cardiidae to 38 in Veneridae (Mendez et al.
The cockle Fulvia mutica (Reeve) classified to Cardiidae is distributed from north of the Yellow Sea in China, south of Mutsu Bay to Kyushu in Japan, and the Korean Peninsula coastal waters and inhabits from intertidal to muddy-sand bottoms at a depth of 50 m buried in bottom sands and gravels.