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the capital and largest city of Wales

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One long gone Cardiffian recalling the days when he was a young lad said: "I remember seeing horses and mules carrying coal from Caerphilly district and bringing it down to The Golate at the riverside.
It is a shame, a crime almost, that this historic pub - where back in time one old Cardiffian could remember seeing a hare run through there - had its name changed.
The pies' most vocal fan, radio presenter Frank Hennessy, says it all: 'As soon as Cardiffians saw the Millennium Stadium they fell in love with it.
One hotel which today's Cardiffians won't remember is the Cardiff Arms Hotel in Broad Street at the west end of Angel Street (1792), which occupied the site of a very ancient building known as Red House or "Ty Coch", a name by which the inn was well known.
Of all the buildings he constructed, the frontage of Market Buildings in Cardiff's St Mary Street - which he recreated after a fire in 1886, and which was known to Cardiffians as "Solo-man's Temple" - is a memorial to him as thousands of shoppers pass through it daily.
One old Cardiffian, long since gone, remembering the Cardiff of his youth had this to say, 'I recollect seeing horses and mules carrying coal from Caerphilly district and bringing it down to The Golate at the riverside.
THOUSANDS of Cardiffians like myself will have happy memories of their parents taking them on the train to Barry Island.
She was, as she confesses in her latest book, as confused about her national identity as her fellow Cardiffians. When I Grow Up is a loving memoir of her often troubled, high-achieving life.
Rob Cooper, who was nominated as one of the Echo's "Great Cardiffians" in 2015, died last year.
The hot weather is guaranteed to drive Cardiffians out to the city's most famous park, with its own boating lake.
Some Cardiffians may remember Andrews Arcade, which led from Queen Street to Crockherbtown Lane, and this little alleyway served as a constant reminder of one of Cardiff 's most famous citizens.
Nonetheless, Billy stories have endeared the park to generations of Cardiffians and are entrenched in Cardiff culture.
You can see the sign top left THERE are still some Cardiffians who remember the Cardiff Continental Waxworks that used to be a few doors up from the Royal Hotel in St Mary Street.
Cardiffians are just not interested in cleaning, tidying or pampering their bathrooms, according to a survey conducted by Andrex.
One of the main answers in the poll as to what makes Cardiffians proud was the honesty, care and consideration of people living in the community.
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