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a specialist in cardiology

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More and more cardiac surgeons are opting to become hospital employees to cushion the impact of diminished earning capacity.
Cardiac surgeon Raja says sildenafil treatment is "promising for patients who are to undergo any kind of heart surgery.
Mike Bone,chief executive of the Cardiothoracic Centre, said: ``Miss Griffiths has remained suspended since January 2003 and it is, therefore,appropriate for her to have a period of mentorship by a consultant cardiac surgeon as part of a phased return to full consultant duties.
Miss Griffiths,47,from Ormskirk,is Britain's first female cardiac surgeon and helped save the life of Liverpool's GerardHoullier.
Prof Ken Taylor, cardiac surgeon at Hammersmith Hospital and an adviser with the British Heart Foundation, said Dr Heather Clark's actions saved Mr Stephen Niland's life.
By the 1960s, cardiac surgeons were preeminent members of the surgical specialty.
An advisory board of cardiac surgeons participated in establishing standards of durability and performance for the new device in an attempt to address medical complications commonly identified with mechanical heart valves.
More than one-third said they actually have difficulty finding referral doctors such as internists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and cardiac surgeons for their Medicare patients.
Launches Internet-Based Data Analysis Tool for Cardiac Surgeons
Additionally, his vast experience as a clinician, educator and journal editor will enable him to enhance Estech's ongoing ability to effectively address the challenges that cardiac surgeons face every day.
Over the course of the first 4 years after cardiac surgeons begin independent practice, their patients' mortality rate improves from 2.
March 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Acuson (NYSE: ACN) announced today that over the next few months, several of the world's top cardiac surgeons and their operating teams will travel to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Palo Alto, Calif.
when cardiac surgeons stop the heart during an operation, they sometimes hurt the organ they're trying to help.
Effective management of congenital heart defects over a patient's lifetime requires dedicated collaboration between cardiac surgeons and interventional cardiologists," added Dr.
It is gratifying that two generations of our laser-based tissue ablation platform were discussed at what has become a leading forum for cardiac surgeons," stated Marc Flores, President and Chief Executive Officer of MedicalCV.