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In the present study, we aimed to investigate the function of miR-24 in cardiac hypertrophy by establishing a transverse aortic constriction (TAC) rat model, and miR-24 overexpressing in neonatal rat cardiac myocytes (NRCMs).
In addition to all these factors, ROS in the cardiac myocytes can reduce the effective concentration of NO in the pathological condition (9).
It was also associated with mild to severe multifocal myocardial degeneration (characterized by extensive sarcoplasmic swelling and hyper-eosinophilia of cardiac myocytes), in addition to marked interstitial infiltration of mononuclear cells (MNCs).
also demonstrated lengthening of action potential duration (APD) in cardiac myocytes of HCM patients, also indicatively increased intracytosolic calcium.
Salle, "[Ca.sup.2+] currents in cardiac myocytes: old story, new insights," Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, vol.
The cellular mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular inflammatory injury are complex and involve the interactions of various cells, including coronary endothelial cells, circulating blood cells, and cardiac myocytes. The intracellular signalling pathways that mediate stress responses and determine cell death or survival have not been fully investigated.
Evidence that human cardiac myocytes divide after myocardial infarction.
Representative ultrastructural profiles of ventricular cardiac myocytes using a transmission electron microscope (original magnification: x 5,700 in A-D, x 23,300 in E and F).
H-FABP is a cytosolic protein which is found in the cytoplasm of the cardiac myocytes and in the liver.
Iron plays a crucial role in the delivery and utilization of oxygen, and "cells with high-energy demands, including skeletal and cardiac myocytes, are particularly sensitive to depleted iron stores," said Gregory D.
We set out to address this question by simulating myocardial injury using defined numbers of cardiac myocytes and quantities of myocardium spiked into human serum.
The Generx FGF-4 transgene has been engineered to include a signal peptide, which enables effective secretion from cells that express the protein (such as cardiac myocytes).
The purity of the cardiac myocytes was assessed by positive staining with antibodies [alpha]-actinin.
Mochly-Rosen, "A selective [epsilon]-protein kinase C antagonist inhibits protection of cardiac myocytes from hypoxia-induced cell death," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
Izumo, "Mechanical stretch rapidly activates multiple signal transduction pathways in cardiac myocytes: potential involvement of an autocrine/paracrine mechanism," The EMBO Journal, vol.