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Injured hearts that received the human cardiac muscle cell grafts showed partial re-muscularization of the scarred left ventricle.
Taken together, the results identify the cardionogen family members as important modulators of cardiac muscle cell development.
Thomas Scheibel, a professor of biomaterials at the University of Bayreuth's Department of Engineering, has teamed up with Dr Felix Engel, a professor of experimental renal and cardiovascular research at Germany's Erlangen University Hospital, to show how spider silk could be used to help restore cardiac muscle cells lost in a heart attack.
In turn, this enables us to study the effects of experimentally induced type 1 and type 2 diabetes on calcium signalling in individual cardiac muscle cells.
An impulse-conducting system of the heart for initiation and propagation of electrical impulses for cardiac muscle contraction It is formed by highly specialized cardiac muscle cells (Purkinje fibers), which generate and conduct electrical impulses rapidly through the heart.
HCM is a primary disorder of the cardiac muscle cells, which are enlarged and arranged in a disorganized fashion.
The team reported that they have taken an important step toward this goal by determining that the mechanical forces generated by the rhythmic expansion and contraction of cardiac muscle cells play an active role in the initial stage of heart valve formation.
They are released into the circulation when damage to cardiac muscle cells has occurred.
A team of Harvard University researchers has transplanted artificial cardiac muscle cells developed from multipurpose stem cells into six heart-failure patients in the United States in the world's first clinical application of such cells, one of the researchers said Wednesday.
But when they clipped a small section of the heart, a sub-population of cardiac muscle cells along the outer wall of the ventricles began to fluoresce and eventually multiply, filling the wound.
Among them were the specialised cardiac muscle cells that control heartbeat.
These new findings raise the possibility that statins can also recruit endogenous repair of cardiac muscle cells in some disease states.
Within the mammalian heart, the distribution of connexin43 (Cx43)-containing gap junctions is essential to facilitating the coordinated spread of electrical activation throughout the cardiac muscle cells (cardiomyocytes) and allowing the heart to contract properly.
While stem cell transplantation has been touted as a potential breakthrough treatment for heart attacks and other forms of heart disease, new research has found that stem cell injections can cause unexpected side effects and raises doubts about whether these so-called master cells can actually morph into cardiac muscle cells.
Xanthine oxidase inhibitors may improve myocardial work efficiency by sensitising cardiac muscle cells to calcium ions, which are a key determinant of cardiac muscle function.