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an abnormal sound of the heart

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Unsuspected cardiac murmurs are an issue for many forms of screening and could lead to deferral of surgery in a small percentage of cases if history alone is used as a triage tool.
The reasons and results of cardiac investigations in 153 children admitted to our clinic Cause of cardiac evaluation n Cardiac murmur 133 Normal 107 Atrial septal defect 4 Mitral valve prolapse 4 Physiological mitral regurgitation 4 Mitral valve abnormality 2 Patent foramen ovale 2 Patent ductus arteriosus 2 Ventricular septal defect 2 Parachute mitral valve 1 Pulmonary stenosis 1 Atrial septal defect + mitral valve prolapse 1 Aortic stenosis 1 Aortic insufficiency 1 Mitral and aortic insufficiency 1 Syncope 3 Normal 2 Vasovagal syncope 1 Cardiac complaint 6 Normal 6 Chest deformity 5 Normal 4 Physiological mitral regurgitation 1 Hypertension 3 Normal 3 Split second heart sound 1 Normal 1 Extracardiac anomaly 1 Normal 1 Hypertension and weak femoral pulses 1 Aortic coarctation 1 Table 4.
Cardiovascular symptoms and signs in evaluating cardiac murmurs in children.
Johan Diedericks has given insight into paediatric cardiac murmurs.
Physical examination revealed no appreciable cardiac murmurs or ventricular heave and no jugular venous distension.
Patients also typically have other manifestations of lupus such as Raynaud's phenomenon, arthritis, and cardiac murmurs, said Dr.