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an abnormal sound of the heart

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Data was collected from all neonates admitted to the NICU, Postnatal ward, attending Pediatric OPD or neonatal follow up clinic and were detected to have cardiac murmurs. Birth details of the neonate were noted and if symptoms were present the details were collected.
Sound recording and digital phonocardiography of cardiac murmurs in dogs by using a sensor-based electronic stethoscope.
Straight back syndrome usually comes to attention due to systolic cardiac murmurs detected during routine examination.
Unsuspected cardiac murmurs are an issue for many forms of screening and could lead to deferral of surgery in a small percentage of cases if history alone is used as a triage tool.
The exam can feature significant cardiac murmurs, peripheral edema, chest pain, jugular venous distension, hepatomegaly, and absent or diminished pulses.
Of patients evaluated for cardiac murmurs, including innocent, 16 patients were found to have structural cardiac disease, including ten patients with rheumatic MR, two with PFO, one with noncompaction, one with multi-chamber left ventricle, one with hypertrophic CMP one with cardiomyopathy findings.
Johan Diedericks has given insight into paediatric cardiac murmurs. Gillian Lamacraft has written about the areas of concern identified by the South African National Committee for the Confidential Enquiry into Maternal Deaths.
Patients also typically have other manifestations of lupus such as Raynaud's phenomenon, arthritis, and cardiac murmurs, said Dr.
People with Sly's syndrome usually have cardiac murmurs and mental retardation, and most die before 2 years of age.