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Current practice in the United Kingdom and most other western countries, including the United States, is to screen for cardiac disease in the general population of young people by history and physical exam alone.
LAHORE -- Punjab Institute of Cardiology Chief Executive Professor Nadeem Hayat Malik has said the PIC is working on introducing surgery free treatment of cardiac diseases.
Class II (Mild to moderate): Patients with cardiac disease resulting in slight limitation of physical activity.
Patients and Methods: All pregnant patients beyond 28 weeks gestation with cardiac disease diagnosed before pregnancy or during the index pregnancy admitted for delivery or with cardiac complications were included in the study.
Identification of individuals with pathogenic mutations in genes associated with cardiac disease may allow timely initiation of screening and treatment that may help prevent myocardial infarction, stroke, and sudden cardiac death.
Cardiac disease was defined as a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, coronary heart disease, or congestive heart failure.
These inequalities also apply to the chances of dying from cardiac disease, the report says.
That risk can be reduced by simple lifestyle changes, such as not smoking, drinking alcohol sensibly, exercising regularly and eating a healthy, balanced diet to reduce the risk of obesity - a major contributory factor increasing the risk of diabetes and eventually cardiac disease.
Cardiac disease at baseline was assessed from the participants' medical records.
Of patients evaluated for cardiac murmurs, including innocent, 16 patients were found to have structural cardiac disease, including ten patients with rheumatic MR, two with PFO, one with noncompaction, one with multi-chamber left ventricle, one with hypertrophic CMP one with cardiomyopathy findings.
In a pooled analysis of the case-control studies, women with a history of PET were more than twice as likely to develop cardiac disease (odds ratio 2.
In contrast to the above-mentioned studies, which focused on a comparison of patients with heart diseases with healthy controls or patients with lung diseases, we tested the diagnostic performance of NT-proBNP as a marker of cardiac disease in a less preselected population with a broader spectrum of diseases that better reflected the real situation.
Children with pulmonary disease, cardiac disease, or NNMD [neurologic and neuromuscular disease] had approximately a 10% probability of respiratory failure" during a hospitalization for influenza, Dr.
The report's authors said the findings, based on figures compiled on behalf of the World Health Organisation, had put paid to the idea that only older smokers are at risk of cardiac disease.