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Synonyms for rehabilitation

the systematic application of remedies to effect a cure

Synonyms for rehabilitation

the conversion of wasteland into land suitable for use of habitation or cultivation

vindication of a person's character and the re-establishment of that person's reputation

the treatment of physical disabilities by massage and electrotherapy and exercises

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It is hugely encouraging that, overall, more patients are accessing cardiac rehabilitation services, but half of heart attack survivors are still missing out on this potentially life-saving service," said BHF chief executive Simon Gillespie.
The new Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre has been named in honour of the late Mr Lionel Perez, in recognition of his voluntary services.
Caroline Lane, team leader for cardiac rehabilitation at Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, said: "Heart disease is the single biggest killer across the UK so each item donated is key to helping the BHF fund as much research as possible and help end the devastation it causes.
Furthermore, increase in number of health conscious people is boosting the cardiac rehabilitation market globally.
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, part of Mubadala's network of healthcare providers, conducted a study on 50 patients suffering from cardiovascular disease who went on to complete the hospital's cardiac rehabilitation programme.
The Cardiac Rehabilitation programme, which lasts between six and 12 weeks, comprises a carefully-monitored exercise programme, where the intensity and duration are gradually increased over time.
On the occasion of the World Heart Day, the hospital aims to educate residents and create awareness on cardiac rehabilitation as the essential step towards recovery from a heart disease.
Angela Melvin, cardiac rehabilitation nurse, said: "Shelley is a very motivating and enthusiastic individual who is a great asset to us.
Cardiac rehabilitation (rehab) includes exercise counseling and training, education for heart-healthy living, and counseling to reduce stress.
Hamad Medical Corporation's (HMC) Heart Hospital recently welcomed delegates to its Cardiac Rehabilitation Symposium,providing them with a unique opportunity to learn about the latest medical advances in the rehabilitation and treatment of patients with heart disease.
Global Cardiac Rehabilitation Market 2016 Research Report initially provides a basic overview of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Market that covers definition, applications and manufacturing technology, post which the report explores into the international players in the market.
But through cardiac rehabilitation, you can overcome these fears, learn to exercise safely within your capabilities, and literally take steps toward improving your heart health.
Research in the late 1950s changed the dynamics of rehabilitation strategies and laid the groundwork for cardiac rehabilitation programs used today (Singh & Schocken, 2015).
Despite the proven effectiveness of cardiac rehabilitation to help individuals recovering from heart attacks or coping with other cardiovascular challenges, relatively few eligible patients complete the programs.
An analysis of data from more than 100,000 patients who had heart failure and were discharged from hospitals showed that only 10 percent of the patients received a referral to a cardiac rehabilitation program.