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a rotating shaft that transmits power from the engine to the point of application

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The output shaft coupling is designed to suit a Dana 1410 series cardan shaft. The transmission also allows the use of a modified Morse MA gear selector.
The HTBUJ coupling is designed to couple between the diesel engine and a cardan shaft. The coupling can accommodate standard DIN U-joints and a wide range of other cardan shaft types.
In line with a general layout, a steel tube cardan shaft from Driveline Service of Portland runs between the ZF gears and a Cooper split pedestal bearing.
Power supplied to twin Siemens model 1PV5135 asynchronous motors is then delivered to the rear axle via a summation gearbox and cardan shaft. A model ELFA-DUO IGBT pulse controlled inverter is used to convert the fuel cell's direct current output into alternating current for the motors.
The thrust is limited to the amount of force it takes to overcome friction in the cardan shaft splines proportional to the torque transmitted and also depends upon the geometry of the drive shaft installation and the spline dimensions for the particular shaft.
This gearbox also drives the front differential via a cardan shaft.
The 80-series axles can be driven either traditionally or hydrostatically, via a cardan shaft. The axle can be pad mounted for direct bolting to the chassis or it can be specified as a steer version, with integral power trackrod using a center pivot, that may be used for oscillating axle applications.
The new 80 series axle line, featuring the SD 80 and PD 80 wide track axles for wheeled excavators, are designed for hydrostatic drive via cardan shaft or conventional drive configurations.
The couplings are available with pulley, cardan shaft, and flexible connecting coupling output configurations.