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Synonyms for cardamom

rhizomatous herb of India having aromatic seeds used as seasoning

aromatic seeds used as seasoning like cinnamon and cloves especially in pickles and barbecue sauces

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Other plants like Dillenia indica, Emblica officinalis, Hibiscus rosa sinensis, Syzygium cumini, Aegle marmelos, Citrus limonum and Eletteria cardamomum are obtained from lands cultivated by nearby non-indigenous settlers, who cultivate these plants for personal consumption, commercial purposes or ornamental values.
The fruits of another plant, Eletteria cardamomum were used as a spice and did not serve any medicinal purpose.
A member of the ginger family, cardamom is the dried fruit of the perennial herb Elettaria cardamomum and is often found as a favorite ingredient in Scandinavian baking, as well as in Turkish coffee and Indian spice blends such as garam masala and curry powder.