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Nonnative species are indicated by an * Aboveground and Aboveground only Seed bank only seed bank Acer saccharinum Aristida oligantha Abutilon theophrasti * Achillea Capsella Acalypha rhomboidea millefolium * bursa-pastoris * Agalinis auriculata Cardamine hirsuta * Agrostis gigantea * Agalinis tenuifolia Carex tribuloides Amaranthus tuberculatus Agrimonia Cyperus esculentus Ambrosia parviflora artemisifolia Agrimonia pubescens Cyperus strigosus Ambrosia trifida Allium cemuum Descurainia sophia * Barbarea vulgaris * Andropogon gerardii Dicanthelium Bras sica sp.
The most common herbs were Arenaria serpyllifolia, Capsella bursapastoris, Cardamine hirsuta, Cichorium intybus, Claytonia virginica, Conium maculatum, Conyza canadensis, Draba verna, Erigeron annuus, Galinsoga quadriradiata, Geum canadense, Impatiens pallida, Lepidium virginicum, Medicago lupulina, Oxalis stricta, Plantago lanceolata, P.
Also, Geranium lucidum-Ricotia sinuata community takes place in surroundings of Altinbesik Cavern Entrance, in 550 m and its characteristic plants are Ricotia sinuata, Cardamine graeca, Geranium lucidum, Euphorbia peplus var.
Length (bp) Gene (1) Aethionema grandiflora AF249000 424 Chs Arabidopsis griffitihana AF248989 1184 Chs Arabidopsis halleri AF248986 575 Chs Arabidopsis lyrata AF248987 605 Chs Arabidopsis thaliana AF248988 581 Chs Arabis alpina AF248995 632 Chs Arabis jacquinii AF248994 616 Chs Arabis pauciflora AF248988 485 Chs Arabis turrita AF248996 547 Chs Barbarea vulgaris AF249991 483 Chs Cardamine amara AF248993 476 Chs Cochlearia excelsa AF248999 468 Chs Gentiana triflora AB005484 1162 Chs Ginkgo biloba EF091691 871 Chs Lepidium campestre AF248990 513 Chs Matthiola incana AF248997 479 Chs Nicotiana tabacum FJ655994 529 Chs Petunia hybrida EF199747 550 ChsA Phaseolus vulgaris AY268022 1453 Chs8 Pinus radiata AF337656 1055 Chs1 Pisum sativum AF060238.
Origin of the disjunct tetraploid Cardamine amporitana (Brassicaceae) assessed with nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequence data.
Examples include Persicaria (Knotweed) Cytisus (Pineapple broom) Calluna (heather) Lonicera (Honeysuckle) Trifolium (Clover) Cardamine (Cuckoo flower) Erysimum (Wallflower) Helianthemum (Rock rose), Festuca (Blue fescue) Sorbus (Mountain ash) Malus (Crab apple) and hundreds more.
Silique burst of Cardamine scurata (Cruciferae) as a physical inducible defense against seed predatory caterpillars.
The endangered plants found in El Kala include, in Lake Oubeira, Polygonum senegalense and Paspalidium obtusifolium; and in lake Tonga, cord-grass (Spartina patens), duckweed (Lemna trisulca), white water-lily (Nymphaea alba), lesser spearwort (Ranunculus flammula), Cardamine parviflora, and the water chestnut (Trapa bispinosa).
Unfortunately this is a name that refers to several herbaceous plants and without the genera name, it is difficult to establish whether it is an Aquilegia, Artemisia, Cardamine or Dianthus.
1 (Plains), Cardamine moirensis, Crinum flaccidum, Cyperus squarrosus) were recorded for the first time within Hattah-Kulkyne National Park.
Lo sucede un cesped ribereno muy bajo y extenso, que ocupa el area de constantes inundaciones formado principalmente por Gomphrena elegans, Hydrocotyle ranunculoides, Cardamine bonariensis y Cardamine hirsuta.
Plants like chickweed, Stellaria media; shepherd's purse Capsella bursa-pastoris; and hairy bitter cress, Cardamine hirsute, multiply quickly and are often the first weeds you will notice appearing in your spring garden.
30 Other species: Dactylorhiza maculata 2 in 5 and + in 8; Agrostis stolonifera and Juncus subnodulosus 1 in 2; Juncus acutiflorus and Phragmites australis 1 and Phleum bertolonii + in 3; Scirpoides holoschoenus 1 in 4; Taraxacum vulgare + in 5; Galium verum and Polygala vulgaris 1, Dactylorhiza elata, Juncus conglomeratus, Leontodon carpetanus and Tetragonolobus maritimus + in 6; Danthonia decumbens + in 8; Trifolium repens and Cardamine castellana 1 in 9; Leontodon hispidus 1 in 10.
Cardamine nasturtoides (locally named "berro") is the only plant whose complete scientific name is provided given its dominance in most of the creeks and streams of the region.
Other ornamental plants found tucked away in the background of this vast family include such springtime delights as arabis, aubretia, the Cuckoo-flower, Cardamine pratensis, honesty, Lunaria annua and a little later, the candytuft, Iberis and the beautifully scented Hesperis matronalis, Dame's violet or sweet rocket.