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Nonnative species are indicated by an * Aboveground and Aboveground only Seed bank only seed bank Acer saccharinum Aristida oligantha Abutilon theophrasti * Achillea Capsella Acalypha rhomboidea millefolium * bursa-pastoris * Agalinis auriculata Cardamine hirsuta * Agrostis gigantea * Agalinis tenuifolia Carex tribuloides Amaranthus tuberculatus Agrimonia Cyperus esculentus Ambrosia parviflora artemisifolia Agrimonia pubescens Cyperus strigosus Ambrosia trifida Allium cemuum Descurainia sophia * Barbarea vulgaris * Andropogon gerardii Dicanthelium Bras sica sp.
obtained isolate IR353 (GenBank accession number: AB640864) from a wild cardamine sam in Funiu Mountain Henan China which was identified as G.
Cardamine hupingshanesis from the selenium (Se), mine drainage area in Enshi, China was identified as a new Se secondary accumulating plant, and it could accumulate up to 99% of total Se in the form of [SeCys.sub.2] without showing any phytotoxic symptoms [1].
Goyang, a prominent traditional fermented vegetable foodstuff of the Sikkim and Nepal, leafs of maganesaag (Cardamine macrophylla Willd.), belonging to the family Brassicaceae, are collected, washed, cut into pieces, and then squeezed to drain off excess water and are tightly pressed into bamboo baskets lined with two to three layers of leaves of fig plants.
26.47 [27] Cardamine flexuosa 8.78 [25] Vaccinium oxycoccos 3.67 [25] Scenedesmus quadricauda 25.20 [28] Pteris vittata 24.50 This study Potamogeton crispus 23.49 This study
(limpia plata), Cardamine nasturtioides Bertero (berro), Mentha polegium (poleo), Viola reichei Skottsb.
Also, Geranium lucidum-Ricotia sinuata community takes place in surroundings of Altinbesik Cavern Entrance, in 550 m and its characteristic plants are Ricotia sinuata, Cardamine graeca, Geranium lucidum, Euphorbia peplus var.
Wrth ochr y llwybr roedd y llwylys (Cochlearia officinalis; common scurveygrass) a llaeth y gaseg (Cardamine pratensis; cuckoo flower) ac uwch fy mhen, roedd ehedydd yn canu.
Origin of the disjunct tetraploid Cardamine amporitana (Brassicaceae) assessed with nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequence data.
Examples include Persicaria (Knotweed) Cytisus (Pineapple broom) Calluna (heather) Lonicera (Honeysuckle) Trifolium (Clover) Cardamine (Cuckoo flower) Erysimum (Wallflower) Helianthemum (Rock rose), Festuca (Blue fescue) Sorbus (Mountain ash) Malus (Crab apple) and hundreds more.
It soon became abundantly clear that the earliest legitimate name for the species is Sisymbrium tarapacanum Phil., not Cardamine deserticola Phil., as I (Al-Shehbaz, 2004a) previously concluded.
Species more important in browsed treatments included cut-leaved toothwort (Cardamine concatenata, IV = 16), spring beauty (IV = 11) and pawpaw (Asimina triloba, IV = 12).