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a room for gambling on card games

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She would arrive first, followed by Ghazi sahib, sit in the dining hall for a brief period to chitchat with a group of relatively younger pen-pushers and then walk upstairs to the card room to manoeuvre their pawns, knights and rooks.
The company said that the amendments are immediately effective and will increase the flexibility of its card room operations for higher revenues and purses for live races at its racetrack.
I really enjoyed my previous role, but when I heard about the opportunity to run the card room at Aspers, it was a challenge I couldn't resist," said Gary, who lives in Denton Burn.
Every player will receive a USD50 bonus on their account for playing at the virtual poker card room.
Musharraf inaugurated the card tournament in the Islamabad Club, accompanied by his friend Tariq Aziz, who was the only person worried about his security, as he was seen actively guarding the main gate of the card room.
The cruise visits Spain, Morocco, Portugal and France and the ship boasts a range of bars, cafes and restaurants plus a host of leisure options including a gym, Jacuzzi, spa, swimming pool, card room, library and shops.
Various roles at Aspers, including those of senior inspector and card room supervisor, have prepared him well.
FGAM will be entitled to an Internet Poker card room gateway license in order to direct potential Internet Poker card room players entering their Poker card room website via the gateway to the Poker network community card room.
It's a shift away from the stereotype of a seedy, smoky card room filled with older men to a mainstream entertainment venue frequented by younger players who are just as likely to be women, Asian or Latino as they are to be white and male.
BRITAIN'S first ever pounds 1 million cash poker tournament is set to be held in the Midlands in Europe's biggest card room.
You either played in the supervised environment of a casino - if they had a card room - or in private games above mini-cab offices, in pubs and private clubs, or you went to America.
You either played in the supervised environment of your local casino, if they had a card room, or you played in private games above mini-cab offices, in pubs and private clubs or shebeens or you went to America.
The gymkhana will have a marriage hall, cinemas, a library, swimming pools, four squash courts, a card room, 56 rooms, a restaurant and 24 suits.
The role of card room manager involves overseeing a team of three supervisors and 14 dealers.
Full Tilt Poker, a US-based company that provides virtual poker card room service, has announced a promotional offer of USD50 bonus to new player accounts.