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a card on which data can be recorded in the form of punched holes

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Abdul Majeed receives UAE Gold Card Image Credit: Supplied
By doing this, users can reduce their physical card inventory as well as the risk of lost or expired cards; users can also create their own card images thus eliminating the wait time for new cards to be shipped by processors when being modified/replaced due to expiry date or PAN (primary account number) changes.
Used to detect suspected identity theft or Social Security fraud, the software found a likely match between "Waters'" new ID card image and Snow's old driver's license photo.
Another fear-inducing safety card image showed an airplane landing--but without any landing gear.
Chloe Johnson, curator at Leamington gallery, in The Parade, said: "We are delighted that Lucy Kemp Welch's painting has been selected as their Christmas card image. It is one of our most popular works and is currently on display at the art gallery and museum.
"The gift card image used is distinct from Wal-Mart's and our copy plainly states in large print that the site has 'no affiliation or association' with Wal-Mart or the other entities listed on the site.'"
For military pay, the card image was captured in a batch process locally and then transmitted to Denver and it took about 4 days to get there.
A popular Christmas card image is the rather traditional picture of the Virgin Mother and Child.
Instead they can merely download a Christmas card image and send it to all their friends via e-mail.
You can change headers and footers, modify the card image, and choose different fonts and backgrounds.
* Makes switching between Easy Entry and Edit MARC in material entry easier; allows the card image to be displayed while editing; expands the easy entry screen to include series title and number of pages
If in doubt as to what the program is doing in this regard, press F9 Print/Preview to see what the card image (and, by extension, the saved record upon which it is based) will look like.
Such a system prints a digitized card image directly onto paper.
Enjoy unlimited complimentary access to premium airport lounges with your Mashreq credit card Image Credit: Shutterstock 2.