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a card on which data can be recorded in the form of punched holes

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By doing this, users can reduce their physical card inventory as well as the risk of lost or expired cards; users can also create their own card images thus eliminating the wait time for new cards to be shipped by processors when being modified/replaced due to expiry date or PAN (primary account number) changes.
You can change headers and footers, modify the card image, and choose different fonts and backgrounds.
If in doubt as to what the program is doing in this regard, press F9 Print/Preview to see what the card image (and, by extension, the saved record upon which it is based) will look like.
Such a system prints a digitized card image directly onto paper.
Automatically rotating business card image formats, which are supported in JPG, PNG and BMP file formats;
Royal couple embrace A TOUCHING photograph of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall hugging, above, has been chosen as the couple's Christmas card image.
Scan the Christmas card image with the AR app and you will see the Gas Street team spring to life in another video clip.
This means that users can make calls, text, browse the web and map their next action directly from the business card image.
Each record can be viewed in a detailed list format, a card image format or a complete bibliographic (MARC-tagged) data format.
Sir, - The Christmas card image of foxhunting is a traditional image festooned with sentimental acceptability.
This allows users to make calls, text, browse the web, and map their next action directly from the business card image.
When customers click on that link, they arrive at the merchant's online gift card store, complete with the company's logo and gift card image.
The DimpleDough software then works cohesively with DCS' CardWizard software and the Credit Union's core processor during the approval process of the card image.
With a durable layer of HDP film between the card image and the outside world, these cards are resist wear and tear and are tamper-evident, because if someone tries to peel off the film, the image essentially destroys itself.
Players can start at the Beginner level where card image options include Animals, Words, and Cars.