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The Golden Light Lenormand Card Deck is consists of 36 images that are used in Lenormand readings, and with a new and exciting print for the new millennium and beyond.
Card decks make good office props or giveaways, including Growing Mindful (mindfulness practices for all ages) and the YogaKids Toolbox.
The DEW Line card deck offers an oblique way of solving problems.
Marin reached a wide audience in her home city of Winnipeg in 2010 through her illustration of a Winnipeg-specific tarot card deck produced as part of a project that celebrated Winnipeg as the Cultural Capital of Canada (see " A GREAT DEAL OF INSPIRATION").
In another unusually critical reaction from the US, a State Department official reacted to the news of the appointment by saying that "Mubarak cannot simply reshuffle the card deck".
Total Industrial Plant Solutions is a card deck providing sales leads throughout multiple layers of the manufacturing industry.
The fit to the data in Table 1 is excellent: for example after ten shuffles of a fifty-two card deck we have [2.sub.-c-1] = 26/1024 which is very nearly the observed separation distance of 0.025.
Along the way I've learned how to shuffle a card deck the proper Vegas way and how to play Boules; I've rafted the most dangerous river in Tennessee at its highest high-water mark and been taught the only truly Canadian athletic event is making love in a canoe--so I've learned a lot, enjoyed even more, and each abiding summer when it's time for the annual SEA conference, I keep my ties and all my tweed jackets at home.
Each suit in the card deck represents a particular theme--diamonds for artifacts, spades for diggings, and hearts for "winning hearts and minds," for example.
In addition to learning about park features including canyons, mountains, caves, deserts, flora and fauna, "Amazing Places: National Parks" is a deck with its standard playing card nomenclature can be used to play virtually any card game a regular card deck would be used for.
"Cupcakes," by Susannah Blake came out last month (distributed by Ryland Peters & Small); "The Confetti Cakes Cookbook: Special Cookies, Cakes and Cupcakes from New York City's Famed Bakery," by Elisa Strauss, will be published in May (Little Brown); and "The Cupcake Deck," a card deck of recipes by Elinor Klivans, is out this month (Chronicle Books).
Syria is also suspected of harboring former Saddam loyalists such as Izzat Ibrahim Al Douri, King of Clubs on the card deck of Iraq's most-wanted and now the self-declared successor to Saddam as President of Iraq.
(2) This seventy-eight-card deck evolved from the regular playing card deck (3) which was brought to Italy from Egypt, still under Mamluk rule, in the second half of the fourteenth century.
Designed for 2-30 players, game includes lake boards, a large card deck, and "wild worm" cards for "bait." Easy.