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a card with a picture on it

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Imperial Tobacco stopped putting cards in their packs of small cigars, and Brooke Bond also pulled the plug on their contribution to card collecting.
A former senior South Wales policeman who was jailed for two years over a cigarette card collecting scam is to lose nearly half his pension.
Baseball card collecting made way for comic books, where Blevins found "more to offer" in the way of story line, characters and plots.
Although cigarette card collecting and philately have declined in popularity in recent years, there will still be a large amount of such material available, with individual and multiple lots likely to sell in excess of three figures.
For the Demons Gareth Jones went through the card collecting two tries, kicking four conversions, dropping a goal and landing a penalty.
So my interest was personal as well as professional when I read the January 2004 decision from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit concerning whether card collecting was a "mental injury" recognized as insurable "bodily injury.
The pupil at Anfield Junior school is the first of the city's 30,000 primary schoolchildren to win in the latest card collecting craze.
The hook: To go along with the company's 50th anniversary celebration, this nifty little blast from the past tries to tie in baseball card collecting as part of the '60s and '70s culture as much as Kennedy, Vietnam, Woodstock and the women's-rights movement.
That's the conventional reaction of millions of adults on discovering there's another movie based on the Japanese card collecting craze.
55, and ten runners-up prizes of a Futera Football Prize Pack comprising a Card Crazy Price Guide magazine, a Guide to Football Card Collecting, a 1999 Fans' Selection Aston Villa Album, with starter pack of cards, and two packs of the 1999 Aston Villa cards.
Phone card collecting is becoming increasingly popular and lucrative with millions of collectors world-wide.
But card collecting is big business with more than 100,000 collectors in the UK.
Nick's business grew from his love of card collecting.
Once looked upon as merely something for children, sports card collecting has more recently become the poor man's alternative to trading stocks.
stated Jeff Mullen, Dynamics CEO, "This application is exciting in that it allows collectors to bridge, for the first time, the world of digital and physical card collecting - while making their everyday purchases.