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a card with a picture on it

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While Wilker tells the personal story of how one man reflects on his life through baseball cards, John Bloom's A House of Cards: Baseball Card Collecting and Popular Culture presents an overview of the general baseball-card subculture in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Imperial Tobacco stopped putting cards in their packs of small cigars, and Brooke Bond also pulled the plug on their contribution to card collecting.
Back in the mid-80s, comic book and baseball card collecting started gaining steam largely because the values of comics and cards from the 50s and 60s were, in some cases, reaching thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.
A combined reading, online gaming and card collecting series is being launched for young readers next month.
As core collectors began to get older, we refocused our marketing efforts on kids and have created an Upper Deck Kids program that engages the younger generation and encourages card collecting and has been quite successful the last few years.
is a Japanese card collecting craze taking over school yards and bedrooms all over the region.
When the baseball card collecting business took off some years ago, so did the active imaginations of the sports' marketing experts.
Bloom is also the author of A House of Cards: Baseball Card Collecting and Popular Culture (Minnesota, 1997).
A former senior South Wales policeman who was jailed for two years over a cigarette card collecting scam is to lose nearly half his pension.
Baseball card collecting made way for comic books, where Blevins found "more to offer" in the way of story line, characters and plots.
Although cigarette card collecting and philately have declined in popularity in recent years, there will still be a large amount of such material available, with individual and multiple lots likely to sell in excess of three figures.
For the Demons Gareth Jones went through the card collecting two tries, kicking four conversions, dropping a goal and landing a penalty.
To get you started in the exciting world of baseball card collecting.
So my interest was personal as well as professional when I read the January 2004 decision from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit concerning whether card collecting was a "mental injury" recognized as insurable "bodily injury.
At first, phone card collecting can be discouraging.