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an enumeration of all the resources of a library

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But on a wall in the corner of Greenfield Community College's Nahman-Watson Library, 128 artifacts from the library's card catalog hang preserved in a glass case--signed by the authors who penned the very books to which the cards once led.
Research institutions revised their card catalogs, finding aids, and collections in order to tell a new story.
In a bit of contemporary archaeology, Eugene conceptual artist Walsh has rescued cards from an old-fashioned card catalog - the musty 3-inch-by-5-inch index cards that went out in the 1980s with the advent of computerization.
During the 1980s, when creaky, primitive online catalogs first appeared in libraries, administrators soon began to insist that card catalogs were obsolete and must be abandoned, or even discarded.
They search the library's card catalog using their own personal computers (PCs) and Macintosh systems, which are networked to a Unix-based file server.
Historical and genealogical research has come a long way since the days of using encyclopedias and card catalogs.
Suddenly I was in a comfortable environment again, working with card catalogs in all their peculiarities.
With school back in session, more students are seeing their campus libraries undergo a dramatic transformation from cramped rooms filled with clunky card catalogs and dusty old books to slick multimedia centers where they can polish PowerPoint presentations and use the Internet to research papers.
An Internet user can access everything from weather updates, newspapers and magazines to library card catalogs and industry newsletters.
Many libraries are still in the process of retrospective conversion from card catalogs to text-based online catalogs for their map collections.
The court said the law is drawn so broadly that public health warnings, racy comedy routines, great painters' nudes, library card catalogs and serious discussions about censorship, homosexuality or rape could constitute a felony with punishment of up to two years in prison.
Clerical functions changed from typing, filing, and maintenance of card catalogs, to the input, editing, filing, and maintenance of machine-readable records in both bibliographic utility and in-house databases.
Every time he enters a library, he wonders whether he will violate probation because computers have replaced paper card catalogs.
The Tennessee Advisory Council on Libraries decided that Library Services and Construction Act (LSCA) and state funds allocated for automation projects should be targeted to small and medium-sized public libraries and that the focus should be on converting paper card catalogs to machine-readable records, according to Sandra Nelson, state librarian and archivist for planning and development.
Undergraduates have made the transition from card catalogs and printed indexes to online public access catalogs (OPACs) and CD-ROM periodical indexes relatively quickly due to the media hype of the need to adopt the new technologies.