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Liver tumours:Neoplastic lesions like benign tumour (adenoma) and carcinom. Adenomas are associated with the use of anabolic steroids [14].
The most common cancer types in that sample were: breast cancer (16 patients), rectum carcinom (4), uterus carcinom (4), melanom (3), sarcom (3), mouth carcinom (3), and other types (17).
Iron loading in specific tissues increased risk for disease Tissue type Disease Alveolar Pulmonary neoplasi macrophages and infection Anterior Gonadal and growth pituitary dysfunction Aorta; carotid Atherosclerosis and coronary arteries Colorectal Adenoma, carcino mucosa Heart Arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy Infant Botulism, salmonel intestine sudden death Joints Arthropathy Liver Viral hepatitis, cirr carcinoma Macrophages Intracellular infecti Pancreas Acinar and beta cell necrosis, carcinom Plasma and lymph Extracellular infecti Skeletal system Osteoporosis Skin Leprosy, melanoma Soft tissue Sarcoma Substantia nigra Parkinson's disease