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Rajiformes (27) y Squaliformes (18); en familias: Rajidae (22), Carcharhinidae (18) y Dasyatidae (6); y en generos: Carcharhinus (13) y Dipturus (5).
tiburon toro Co, Fi: Carcharhinus leucas, Carcharhinidae.
Sharks from the family Carcharhinidae, such as tigers (Galeocerdo cuvieri) and bulls (Carcharhinus leucas), are common in the inshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico (Hoese & Moore 1977).
Utilization of a tropical bay as a nursery area by sharks of the families Carcharhinidae and Sphyrinidae, Environmental Biology of Fishes, 37: 337-345, 1993.
Familia CARCHARHINIDAE Carcharhinuspriscus (Agassiz, 1843) Carcharhinus longimamis (Poey, 1861) Isogomphodon acuarius (Probst, 1879) Isogomphmkm caunellensis (Cappetta, 1970)
TABLE I MAIN TARGETED SPECIES, FISHING GEAR AND MAIN FISHING SEASON, ACCORDING TO FISHERMEN'S CITATION Family N Scientific name Local name Peneaidae 37 Xyphopenaeus kroyeri Sete-barbas (Shrimps) 37 Penaeus schimitti Camarao branco Carcharhinidae 14 Carcharhinus spp.
4 TRIAKIDAE Hypogaleus Blacktip Tope 3(*) hyugaensis Mustelus mosis Arabian smooth 7 Houndshark HEMIGALIDAE Hemigaleus Hootooth Shark 3 macrostoma CARCHARHINIDAE Carcharhinus sealei Blackspot Shark 3 Carcharhinus Whitecheek Shark 3,7 dussumieri Carcharhinus Whaler Shark 3,7 plumbeus Carcharhinus Spinner Shark 3,4,8 brevipinna Carcharhinus Blacktip Shark 3,4,7 limbatus Carcharhinus sorrah Spottail Shark 2,3?
Survey type Common name Order and family (scientific name) N C Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Pacific sharpnose shark 6 100 (Rhizoprionodon longurio) Sphyrnidae Scalloped hammerhead 4 100 (Sphyrna lewini) Triakidae Brown smoothhound 696 55.
Since updated data about these species is scarce and consistent knowledge is required for developing management strategies for local species, this study aims to evaluate the presence of sexual dimorphism within three Carcharhinidae sharks captured off the coast of Maranhao state, Amazonian Equatorial Coast, Brazil.
naso Dogfishs Prionace glauca, Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus Lamnidae falciformis, Isurus Squalidae oxyrinchus, Squalus acanthias, Triakidae S.
Analisis biologico pesquero de tiburones de la familia Carcharhinidae (Elasmobranchii) capturados por loa principal flota artesanal del sur de Nayarit, Mexico.
The tiger shark is an aplacental species, differing from most of the members of the Carcharhinidae that nourish their young through a placental connection.
En la familia Carcharhinidae se reconocen 56 especies, de las cuales 32 son del genero Carcharhinus Blainville, 1816 (Ebert et al.
These included 34 species from 10 families, with the family Carcharhinidae representing 93.