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Aliofkhazraee, M, Sabour Rouhaghdam, A, shahrabi, T, "Pulsed Nanocrystalline Plasma Electrolytic Carburising for Corrosion Protection of a y-TiAl Alloy (Part 1: Effect of Frequency and Duty Cycle).
Beneath plasma nitriding, other thermochemical treatments in plasma also went through a major development: nitrocarburising, nitrocarbosulphuring and plasma carburising.
Intended primarily to serve the fastener markets, the new furnace line will provide carburising and carbonisation capability to meet the growing demand for these treatments.
Tenders are invited for Gas Carburising Fluid -Iso Propanol
Tenders are invited for Vertical Pit Type Gas Carburising Furnace, Temperature Up To 1000 Deg.