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Aliofkhazraee, M, Sabour Rouhaghdam, A, shahrabi, T, "Pulsed Nanocrystalline Plasma Electrolytic Carburising for Corrosion Protection of a y-TiAl Alloy (Part 1: Effect of Frequency and Duty Cycle).
Beneath plasma nitriding, other thermochemical treatments in plasma also went through a major development: nitrocarburising, nitrocarbosulphuring and plasma carburising.
Since the company was founded in 2003, it has developed an extensive range of special process capabilities including heat treatment and vacuum brazing, vacuum carburising, air plasma spray and high-velocity oxygen fuel protective coatings, as well as corrosion and oxidation resistant paint coatings.
The new standard covers all major aspects of heat treatment at Bury, including vacuum carburising.
Intended primarily to serve the fastener markets, the new furnace line will provide carburising and carbonisation capability to meet the growing demand for these treatments.
Tenders are invited for Fan And Shaft For Carburising Furnace, Material Ss310 As Per Drawing No.
We already apply sophisticated, high performance hardening, case hardening and vacuum carburising to racecar gear sets and bearings (and other power train components), but can now add a bonus of 'superlow' friction and potential 'run dry performance' in addition to the well established benefits provided by the heat treatment.
Tenders are invited for Case Carburising Compound Quick Light Of Grade - 3 To Irs - Z 10 - 67 Packed In 30/40 Kgs.
He will be responsible for key accounts covering the full range of WHT Group services, which include diamond-like coatings (DLC), PVD hard coatings, advanced heat treatment techniques, such as plasma nitriding and vacuum carburising, and metallurgical advisory services.
Tenders are invited for Carburising Fluid (Cp Value-0.