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mixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosion

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The answer was to design a new type of pressurised carburettor. But that would take years.
Everyone would have waited years for the pressurised carburettor. But when you're in trouble, you can't wait years.
This photo would seem to have been taken in 1940, and Lord Nuffield talking to women workers assembling SU aero carburettors. Nuffield's company, Morris Motors, had taken over the Wolseley in 1935 and SU Carburettors a year later
Dirty carburettors, blocked fuel filters and damaged fuel pumps are some results of running out of fuel.
PAT Rowland wrote to me about her family's time working for SU Carburettors in Birmingham and asked for more information on the firm and its beginnings.
Fisher goes into tomorrow's meeting using Billy Janniro's carburettors, having struggled on his own in the last few meetings for the Whale Toyota Bees.
Power for the GTC came from a Ford 2.8-litre V6 engine, and it came with carburettors rather than with fuel injection.
Q MY Peugeot 405 is giving me carburettor problems in that the cold starting is easy, but as the engine warms up it will not idle evenly and at low speed driving the engine will not pull in the higher gears without jerking.