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mixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosion

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The test results show that the air fuel ratio of the electronic carburetor vehicle was maintained close to stoichiometric as in fuel injection vehicle which in turn reduce the emission to a considerable extent.
The quick answer is one of two things: The fuel either flows into a carburetor where it mixes with air and then is routed to each cylinder, or it moves through a more-complicated fuel injection system before getting to the cylinders.
RAY: But since you can't get help rebuilding your carburetor, I'm going to suggest that you try to replace it.
Next, remove the carburetor from the engine (Photo 2).
The air and fuel flow is through orifices into the mixing chamber of the carburetor which has baffle plates that enables proper mixing of air and fuel.
Cleaning your small engine's carburetor isn't terribly daunting, but I recommend that you have the service manual for your engine and a carburetor rebuild kit on hand before tackling the job.
In addition, the carburetor is designed to improve fuel economy, according to the company.
It's the little aluminum plate that sits under the carburetor.
You had to pump the gas up to the carburetor by hand and fill the left carburetor that was used to start the Rumely," he says.
The ministry also ordered Nansei Sekiyu to inspect carburetors and told the prefectural government to secure stable LPG supplies in the prefecture, while the local government ordered the company to stop shipments of the gas and recall the products.
This information can then be collected as the carburetors are readied for shipment.
Market-leader Maruti was the worst hit as all its models still have carburetors.
Hard parts include brake parts, exhaust parts, ride control, steering and suspension parts, alternators, carburetors and related kits, fuel and water pumps, radiators, belts, hoses, transmission parts, clutch parts, joints, gaskets, pistons, pins and piston rings, valves and valve train components, anti-friction bearings, engine bearings and seals.
Productivity in the carburetors, pistons, and valves industry, as measured by output per employee hour, declined slightly at an average annual rate of 0.
industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing and/or rebuilding carburetors, pistons, piston rings, and engine intake and exhaust valves.