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It can be seen that the O/C ratio increases from 0.66 in the original sample to 0.74 in the oxidized sample, as a result of introduction of one more oxygen atom originating from carboxylic groups. Supplemental information can be acquired from a high-resolution scan, performed on the C Is region.
The final concentration of carboxylic group, Fe and P was 0.001356 M, which corresponds to a P concentration in the solution of 42 mg [L.sup.-1], with a proportion of carboxylic group-Fe-P of 1:1:1.
In acidic conditions the amine group of CH is protonated which causes electrostatic interactions of carboxylic group of OKG with protonated CH to produce a tight network which may lead to lower water uptake at lower pH.
Because of the attachment of the carboxylic acid group on the surface of CNTs, the gas analyte most likely attached to the tail of the carboxylic group [23], which prevents the gas analyte to reach the surface of the CNTs, resulting in the same value of resistance when exposed to different concentrations of benzene gas.
However, compound 3 bearing a carboxylic group instead of an acetyl group in the same skeleton has not been found previously from the natural source.
Among them, the preparation of Ti[O.sub.2] substrates following diverse methodologies has been used in the past for solar cell and gas sensing purposes, proving their suitability for the covalent anchoring of dyes with carboxylic groups [16, 26] or for the attachment by electrostatic interaction [27].
Further, Carboxylic group functionalized CNTs (200mg) were dispersed into above prepared solution by keeping continuous stirring for another 10 minutes.
The known Ca-acetate method (Tan, 2005), based on the formation of acetic acid, was used for determining the total number of carboxylic groups. HAs (20 mg) were weighed into a 100 mL Erlenmeyer flask, and 10 mL of 0.2 N calcium acetate solution was added under [N.sub.2].
All polymerizations and analyses of carboxylic group concentration were carried out with deionized water.
In the present work, HRP-ADH has been conjugated to the carboxylic group of cortisol by the activated ester method for developing competitive direct ELISA.
Fatty acids have amphiphilic molecules and they have a polar carboxylic group, which can cap AuNPs.
By drying the dispersion containing dimethylethanolamine (BP = 134[degrees]C) at a temperature of 130[degrees]C instead of 80[degrees]C, the [[theta].sub.w] value was found to increase from 64[degrees] to 70[degrees], i.e., the value of the solventborne PUA sample containing no carboxylic group.
The carboxylic group in dye 6i is confirmed from broad downfield singlet signal at 15.10ppm (Figure 5).