carboxylic acid

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This result is due to citric acid structure, which has three carboxylic functional groups, and not all of them react in the crosslink reaction.
9, it is important to note that the C=O stretching band of the carboxylic functional groups present in the PAA (1,701 [cm.sup.-1]) is greatly diminished.
The content of 'carboxylic functional groups' obtained using the Boehm method was low and not comparable with the corresponding values estimated by potentiometric titration (table S2; Table 1).
Muconic acid is a dicarboxylic acid; it is a chemical compound that contains two carboxylic functional groups and is denoted in organic chemistry as -COOH.
The peaks observed at 1720[cm.sup.-1] and 1250[cm.sup.-1] were attributed to i (C=O) and a[(C-O).sub.def], respectively, indicating presence of carboxylic functional groups (12,31).