carboxylic acid

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FTIR-ATR spectra of LDPE modified by SDBD plasma in oxygen confirmed formation of carbonyl, and carboxyl functional groups on the surface of the polymer.
The outer layer comprises at least one light-stable aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethane containing at least one pendent functional group selected from the group consisting of hydroxyl and carboxyl functional groups, and at least one heat-activated crosslinking monomer or agent.
The low-molecular-weight compatibilizers, which have sufficient number of carboxyl functional groups present as a pendant group, when introduced in the PET-rich phase, could easily react with the functional group, which could result in an increase in the flexibility.
Both the [C-O]/[C] and [COO]/[C] ratios in the pp-GMA-HDPE surfaces decrease with increasing RF power, suggesting that the higher RF power will lead to more severe degradation of the epoxide and carboxyl functional groups, and thus lower C-O and COO component intensities.