Carboniferous period

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The first known orthopteran fossil dates back to the upper Carboniferous period (~299 mya, Chopard 1920, Storozhenko 1997, Gorochov 2001), making orthopterans one of the most ancient of insect lineages.
As well as focusing on Harry Potter, the festival will give people the chance to find out about what the Earth was like 350 million years ago in the hot, humid, Carboniferous Period - a time of giant insects and huge amphibians.
The transformation into coal took place under these conditions, starting during the Carboniferous Period, about 340-270 million years ago, and at high pressures, as layer upon layer built up.
Entomologists say these invertebrates (backboneless animals) were the first creatures to fly, dating from the Carboniferous period about 360 million years ago.
Examples are for such noteworthy species as the ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba), a Chinese tree that existed during the Carboniferous Period, or the coelacanth (Latimeria chalumnae), a fish that was thought to have disappeared during the Cretaceous Period but is today confined to the waters of the Comoros.
It has been over 100 million years since the giant coniferous forests that evolved in the Carboniferous Period began giving ground to the upstart flower-bearing species that now dominate the world's diversity of trees.
The UK shales were formed in the carboniferous period over 300 million years ago, while those in the US were formed over 400 million years ago in the Devonian period.
As a result of this new tectonic context, a backarc basin developed in the Frontal Cordillera, where the sedimentation of the El Plata and Cerro de Agua Negra formations took place during the Carboniferous period (Mpodozis and Ramos, 1990; Fernandez Seveso et al.
In the Bashkirian tier's sediments of the Carboniferous period in the Rozhkovskoye field, KazMunaiGas Exploration Production Joint Stock Company declares a new breakthrough.
We inspected fossiliswed trees and vegetation from the Carboniferous period which can be found at times on Redcar beach.
It dates back to the Carboniferous period, 354 to 290 million years ago.
Professor Benton said: "The footprints date from the Carboniferous Period when a single supercontinent (Pangaea) dominated the world.
The Brymbo fossils date from the carboniferous period, before flowering plants.
The Museum, off Wakefield Road, is to recreate a 300 million-year-old forest using fossils from the Carboniferous period.