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relating to or consisting of or yielding carbon

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Rosmarinic acid: a potent carbonic anhydrase isoenzymes inhibitor.
Extra and intracelular activities of carbonic anhydrase of the marine microalga Tetraselmis gracilis (Chlorophyta).
Supuran, QSAR Study on the Inhibition of the Human Carbonic Anhydrase Cytosolic Isozyme VII, Roumaine de Chimie.
The global glaucoma therapeutics market segmentation is based on drug class (alpha agonist, beta blockers, carbonic anhydrase inhibitor, cholinergic, combined medication, prostaglandin analogs), end users (ambulatory surgical centers, hospitals, ophthalmic clinics).
The absence of any metabolic acidosis with an alkaline urine pH and the absence of cerebral calcifications excluded a diagnosis of carbonic anhydrase II deficiency syndrome.
The micromotors are six-micrometre-long tubes with an an outer polymer surface that holds the enzyme carbonic anhydrase, which speeds up the reaction between carbon dioxide and water to form bicarbonate.
ELISA test uses various types of enzymes such as carbonic anhydrase, glucose oxidase, and alkaline phosphatases and the result is detected by photometry or fluorometry.
Case 1###69###Male###right###Beta blocker, alpha agonist, Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, Prostaglandin analouge
Acetazolamide is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor and has been used for many relatively common disorders such as congestive heart failure, some forms of epilepsy glaucoma, IHH, and also for some rare diseases such as acute mountain sickness.
17,18) Administration of DIDS (4,4-diisothiocyanostilbene 2,2-disulfonic acid, anion exchanger inhibitor), a potent and relatively specific inhibitor of anion exchanger or acetazolamide, a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor or induction the Na-free medium decrease pulmonary vascular tone during hypercapnia in the isolated pulmonary artery.