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saturation with carbon dioxide (as soda water)

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Scientists say the caffeine in carbonated drinks is stripping the calcium from their bones.
Coca-Cola, Kirin to release hot carbonated drinks in Japan
This original "bottle bill" made it mandatory for people to pay a five-cent deposit on bottled carbonated drinks and beer.
London, Oct 9 (ANI): A new study has revealed that eating apples can be up to four times more damaging to teeth than carbonated drinks.
The drink is made with plant extracts and represents PepsiCo's move towards a more 'natural' carbonated drink.
Premium adult soft drinks producer, Botttlegreen Drinks Co, announces the launch of a brand new premium occasional carbonated drink aimed at the tween market, bottlegreen Party, which will fall under the bottlegreen brand umbrella is the only occasional drink currently available on the UK market aimed specifically at 8 - 12 year olds.
The carbonated drink market has lost its fizz as consumers turn to healthier options, Britvic warned yesterday.
Each 500ml bottle can make four litres of carbonated drink and carries an rsp of 2.
Fizzy Lizzy Passionfruit, one of a new generation of gourmet sodas and effervescent juice drinks, took the prize for Best Carbonated Drink of 2005.
The two-strong range of sausages--named Iron Brew--gained the approval of the producer of the carbonated drink, Barr Soft Drinks, as long as the trademark Irn-Bru was spelled differently.
This non carbonated drink is aimed at today's health-conscious woman.