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a form of carbon having a large molecule consisting of an empty cage of sixty or more carbon atoms

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Beryllium-7 decay rate speeds up inside carbon-60 molecule+
This collection of writings by and about "Earth's friendly genius" includes crisply reproduced photographs and illustrations of such concepts as the geodesic dome, as well as examples of what those concepts ultimately led to, such as the famous dome in Montreal and the naming of the carbon-60 buck-minsterfullerene molecule.
He carefully synthesizes only those carbon-60 variants that his modeling and theoretical calculations suggest will be valuable.
Others have recently proposed different configurations, including carbon-60 "bucky balls" (S&T: March 1993, page 13).
Carbon-60 fullerenes--cagelike molecules of 60 carbon atoms ([C.sub.60])--are easily coaxed into polymer chains.
Meanwhile, soccer-ball-shaped molecules of carbon-60 are now being called on to help solve the DIB and ultraviolet-absorpotion mysteries.
The researchers, from the Jozef Stefan Institute and the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland, grew the tubes by heating molybdenum disulfide powder with iodine and a catalyst, carbon-60, for about 3 weeks.