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a fullerene molecule having a cylindrical or toroidal shape


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Thorough this new process, in which it is created nano-wires with diamond Configuration inside of carbon Nano-tubes, it is possible to produce Special Carbon nano-wires.
(2005) also proposed that the flow of molecules inside carbon nano-tubes could be much faster.
* at the both carbon nano-tube types it was seen the characteristic band for water, that is 3440 [cm.sup.-1];
Researchers have studied the possibility of using bagasse fibers and carbon nano-tubes as reinforcing agent in cement-based composites.
In this study, we propose a metal matrix carbon nano-tubes modified electrode (MCME) fabricated by micromachining-based implantation method.
Among their topics are an online monitoring system for micro-hole drilling based on rough set fuzzy control, the effect of input shaping on actuator effort of inertial plants, a new algorithm for the normal adjustment of point cloud, calibration methods of a planar parallel robot, high-performance heat-insulated coating fabric and its production technology, the effect of process parameters on strain rates in laser shock forming, the effect of carbon nano-tubes on the properties of natural rubber composites, and analyzing yarn tension in a typical carpet tufting equipment system.
Because of their unique mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, carbon nano-tubes are one of the most active areas in the field of modern carbon nanotechnology.
A project memorandum said researchers would develop and use "specific functionalising materials, capable of providing multiple protective functions", using layered silicates, carbon nano-tubes, alkoxysilane primers, chromic materials and antimicrobial microspheres.
of Naples, Italy, which is using the screws with DSM Xplore's new lab-size fiber spinneret to reinforce PET fibers with carbon nano-tubes.
Fillers with extremely high aspect ratios (1,000-10,000), such as carbon nano-tubes, have a much lower percolation threshold (lower amount is required for equivalent reinforcement).
This year the prizes went to Michal Lavidor from Israel, for research centred on examining what happens in the human brain during reading; Frank Keppler from Germany, for his discovery of climate-relevant trace gases from terrestrial ecosystems; Chris Ewels from the UK, for his work on computer modelling of doping, and defects in graphite and carbon nano-tubes; Nicolas Cerf, from Belgium, for research into quantum information and quantum computation, and Paola Borri from Italy, for work on semiconductor nanostructures and their ultra-fast response to laser light.
The buzz surrounding the creation of carbon nano-tubes swept the scientific community and was touted as a breakthrough.
We can produce three-dimensional (3-D) molecular shapes at the nano-scale, including spheres and tubes, known as carbon nano-tubes (CNT)--the most interesting and valuable nano-parts.
Nano-scale carbon structures, such as carbon nano-tubes, nano-whiskers, and fullerene clusters, were among the first materials to be examined for nano-composite reinforcement (14).
Another advance is a novel class of vapor-grown carbon nano-tubes and nano-fibers.
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