carbon disulfide

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a toxic colorless flammable liquid (CS2)

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The retired chef, who lives in Cromer Gardens with his 57-year-old wife Diane, said: "Originally the houses were going to be demolished, but now they have an untried and untested way to neutralise the carbon disulphide with another chemical.
Suppliers (trading companies) of Carbon disulphide (including contact details)
We know the presence of carbon disulphide may be affecting the local housing market.
Thio-Pet's manufacturing plant in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta is adjacent to Marsulex's existing Fort Saskatchewan manufacturing facility and produces hydrogen sulphide for use in Canada, the United States and Europe, and carbon disulphide, which is marketed to chemical companies in Canada and the United States.
His current work concentrates on the conversion of carbonyl sulphide and carbon disulphide.
Akzo Nobel, who took over Courtaulds, launched an investigation in conjunction with Wolverhampton Council into the presence of carbon disulphide underneath the houses in the autumn of 2005.
Car park owner Akzo Nobel is now preparing to remove the remaining tanks, which sparked the carbon disulphide alert.
Wolverhampton City Council is now seeking residents' views on a proposal to clear the land of the substance, carbon disulphide, on the site of the former Courtaulds' factory.
Nine Foleshill families are moving out of their Threadneedle Street homes after carbon disulphide was discovered in the area.
Ground samples taken in the gardens of a small number of properties during the first phase of the investigations have revealed levels of the substance carbon disulphide that require further investigation.