carbon disulfide

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a toxic colorless flammable liquid (CS2)

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Oxadiazole 4 was obtained by the reaction of acid hydrazide (Almasirad et al., 2011) with carbon disulphide in alkaline medium under reflux conditions.
The retired chef, who lives in Cromer Gardens with his 57-year-old wife Diane, said: "Originally the houses were going to be demolished, but now they have an untried and untested way to neutralise the carbon disulphide with another chemical.
Mortality of Dutch workers exposed to carbon disulphide. Int Arch Occup Environ Health 66:103-110.
The reduction in carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide is being offset by the production of hydrogen sulphide and carbon disulphide. They are both being generated instead of sulphur dioxide as catalytic converters change the state in which sulphur is released from petrol.
Two hundred people living in the Whitmore Reans area of Wolverhampton have had their gardens tested for traces of the hazardous chemical carbon disulphide and 20 have been told their houses may need to be knocked down to clean up the land.
Chemical company Akzo Nobel had begun investigations in the road after discovering carbon disulphide on the former Courtaulds car park, which adjoins the site.
His current work concentrates on the conversion of carbonyl sulphide and carbon disulphide. These compounds form as byproducts in the Claus process, and limit the overall sulphur recovery.