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an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

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[3] Many studies have shown that the carbon dioxide lasers have more promising results than the scalpel.
Therefore, we greatly recommend the ultrapulsed carbon dioxide laser to be considered as the management of the first choice in xanthelasma treatment.
In the present study, cryotherapy, topical tretinoin, and carbon dioxide laser treatment exerted no effect on PK.
Several reports have described variable success in treating skin and vocal cord lesions with dermabrasion, carbon dioxide laser surgery, dimethyl sulfoxide, D-penicillamine, corticosteroids, acitretin, etretinate, carbon dioxide laser, Er:YAG laser, and surgical intervention (8, 9).
Zenker's diverticulum: Carbon dioxide laser endoscopic surgery.
Had the Nazis known how easy it is to make a carbon dioxide laser out of a glass tube, a few electrodes and mirrors, the Battle of Britain might have had a different outcome.
Atlantic Precision also has a carbon dioxide laser that burns holes in metal.
* Gas Lasers have a lasing medium that is a gas or combination of gases, such as helium-neon laser or carbon dioxide laser, which emits 10.6 micrometer wavelengths (infrared).
Roenigk, "Carbon dioxide laser vaporization and curettage in the treatment of large or multiple superficial basal cell carcinomas," Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology, vol.
McCaffrey, "Ceramic bracket debonding with the carbon dioxide laser," American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, vol.
(1) removal or excision of the scar tissues: this could either be through surgical excision or through the use of carbon dioxide laser,
They consider such topics as developments in carbon dioxide laser welding, conduction laser welding, laser welding glass, beam scanning (remote) technologies and smart beam processing, multi-pass laser welding with filler wire, and applications of laser welding in the railway and shipbuilding industries.
They melted it at temperatures of 2,000 degrees Celsius using an aerodynamic levitator with carbon dioxide laser beam heating.
As part of its expansion plans, the HMC ENT Department is planning to use robotic surgery in specific areas of its treatment, and is in the process of introducing endoscopic carbon dioxide laser treatment for a section of specific head and neck tumours, and the use of endoscopy as treatment option in salivary gland disease.
Objective: To compare the results of Carbon dioxide laser and cold instruments in the treatment of vocal nodule.
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