carbon cycle

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the organic circulation of carbon from the atmosphere into organisms and back again

a thermonuclear reaction in the interior of stars

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Pedler said that this was a surprising result because this pool of carbon is comprised of an extremely diverse set of molecules, we believed that many different microbes with complementary abilities would be required to breakdown this material, but it appears that individual species may be pulling more weight than others when it comes to carbon cycling.
Professor Chris Freeman of Bangor University has been praised for groundbreaking work on nutrient and carbon cycling in wetlands
The award was given for his outstanding contributions to the understanding of oceanic productivity, carbon cycling and metabolic balance and for his role in shaping current views on the importance of microbial processes in the oceans.
The GTL program was established to help solve problems in energy production, environmental cleanup and carbon cycling.
Improved methods are needed in order to process current and future high-dimensional data sets that allow for the monitoring of physically and ecologically important variables that are key in understanding the health status of marine ecosystems and global carbon cycling.
With new information detailing trees' vital role in erosion control, wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and water and carbon cycling, people realized that healthy forests translate to a healthier planet and healthier people.
Together, they present a picture of rangeland carbon cycling.