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a bomb placed in a car and wired to explode when the ignition is started or by remote control or by a timing device

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As though their cross-'racial' or cross-'national' kiss had itself been the catalyst (rather than the carbomb), a complicated chain of events is set off, in which it becomes especially unclear whose jurisdiction the event 'actually' occurred within.
recently received a $338,668 contract to integrate a stoichiometric CarBomb Finder on the Army's SmarTruck platform, that is being field tested this year at the Army Tank--Automotive and Armaments Command, in Warren, Mich.
Qatar-based Al-Jazeera TV said Egyptian Omar Ahmed Abdullah carried out the suicide carbomb attack.
While I would never argue for officers to place themselves in needless danger, last week's carbomb, following on from one that exploded in May don't forget, just highlights the need for police stations to remain open and protect our communities.
The carbomb blast killed the top United Nations envoy in Iraq, Sergio Vieira DeMello and his secretary, along with 20 others.
One such attack was thwarted over the weekend when Israeli forces, acting on intelligence information that Israel had previously transferred to the U.S., raided the PLO-controlled city of Kalkilye and found the carbomb that was to be used to blow up a Tel Aviv skyscraper.
The damage pattern is familiar to anyone who knows anything about bombs--and it matched only a vehicle bomb, probably something larger than a carbomb. Other confirming details included the hole in the street.
Officer Brendan Carbomb told our reporter yesterday, "as this is the only job I've ever had."
If you leave the Uffizi Gallery (which is still recovering from the enormous carbomb exploded against its wall by the mobbed-up fascists of Italy's para-state), you may find yourself in a shoe fetishists paradise.
And only hours earlier the explosion of a 259lb Real IRA carbomb 15 miles away in Stewartstown was so powerful it could be heard at Drumcree.
Fernandez had been under indictment in the United States since 1978, charged with being on the DINA team that kept Letelier under surveillance and then planted a carbomb that exploded September 21, 1976, killing Letelier and a U.S.
There had been fears Birmingham's retail economy would suffer, at what is traditionally its busiest time of the year, from the hangover of November's Real IRA carbomb in the city centre and the September 11 New York terror attacks.
He also said that a Su-34 aircraft bombed a workshop in the vicinity of Hatla, which the militants were using to manufacture carbombs. Target data was actually provided by the Syrian opposition.