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Mr Daryl Thompson was nominated for a Nobel Prize in 2015 and 2016 for his research in cutting-edge organic and carbohydrate chemistry as well his research in pandemics technology to fight pandemics such as Ebola.
ScinoPharm is expected to bring several anti-cancer products to market this year, also claiming to be involved in development of highly complex manufacturing technology as protein, carbohydrate chemistry and macro cyclic compounds, and expanding its small-molecule core technologies to peptides and proteins.
Some specific topics include cellulose and carbohydrate chemistry, hemicelluloses and pectins, and cellulose products and chemicals from wood.
Oxford-based VASTox (AIM: VOX) has completed the simultaneous acquisition of DanioLabs, a private UK drug discovery company, and Dextra Laboratories, a specialist carbohydrate chemistry service company.
This system performs temperature-sensitive reactions including carbohydrate chemistry, the formation of carbanions, and other highly reactive intermediates.
It included leading experts on nutritive sweeteners, carbohydrate chemistry and human metabolism.
Contents include: the structure of wood, carbohydrate chemistry, wood polysaccharides, lignin, extractives, bark, wood pulping, pulp bleaching, cellulose derivatives, wood-based chemicals and pulping byproducts.
This book includes a collection of mini reviews and research papers which have been written by a combination of international leaders in the field of carbohydrate chemistry and younger scientists.
Excellent coverage of carbohydrate chemistry is presented in Chapter 2, including well-designed figures illustrating compounds and relationships.
ThermoGen also received an SBIR grant earlier in the year to develop a related class of proteins; DHAP-dependent aldolases, which are carbon-carbon bond catalysts with a wide array of applications in organic synthesis, especially in the field of carbohydrate chemistry.
The company's two Phase III products have been granted "Fast Track" designation by the FDA for their respective indications and are both based on SYNSORB's proprietary carbohydrate chemistry platform technology.
Documents the new and rapid expansion of carbohydrate chemistry and glycobiology over the last few years
a biotechnology company specializing in carbohydrate chemistry technology, announced today it is arranging loans in the total amount of up to CDN $1,000,000 (the Loans ) from several arm s length parties.
Chapters address lab-scale and larger-scale synthesis of azide compounds; azides by olefin hydroazidation reactions; the chemistry of vinyl, allenyl, and ethynyl azides; small rings by azide chemistry; Schmidt rearrangement reactions with alkyl azides; radical chemistry with azides; cycloaddition reactions with azides; dipolar cycloaddition reactions in peptide chemistry; the azide/nitrene interface and the photochemistry of azides; organoazides and transition metals; azide-containing high energy materials; azide chemistry in rotaxane and catenane synthesis, aza-Wittig reaction in natural product synthesis; and azides in carbohydrate chemistry.
He attended the University of Bristol (UK), receiving a BSc (Hons) in 1979, and a PhD in 1985 in mechanistic carbohydrate chemistry under the supervision of Michael L.
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