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an inn in some eastern countries with a large courtyard that provides accommodation for caravans

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Originally intended to allow social service based on real estate--a well, for example--the waqf was extended to the caravansarai and eventually to pure cash holdings.
snakes found on a relief within the Seljuk caravansarai near Sivas).
The building bearing the wall-paintings is a caravansarai, one of numerous halting stations built along the route, most of them during the 17th century.
The havili or residential compound and dukkan or shops in paragraphs twenty-four and twenty-six were partly adjacent to "royal lands" while the shops in paragraphs twenty-seven and twenty-eight partly adjoined the "royal hammam" or bath located near a caravansarai. Another shop in paragraph twenty-nine was located near the royal mosque (masjid-i padshahi).