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Italian painter noted for his realistic depiction of religious subjects and his novel use of light (1573-1610)

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Richard Spear draws our attention to the fact that high prices were not an incentive for painters to adopt a Caravaggesque style; rather, the Caravaggisti competed for altarpieces and easel paintings in awareness of their economic disadvantages of being Caravaggio's followers (205, 209).
One of the most successful Caravaggisti was the French artist Georges de La Tour.
Blankert compares De Bray's Jael to works by the Utrecht Caravaggisti, Jan Lievens, and De Bray's fellow Haarlem artist, Pieter de Grebber.
Father and daughter were both much under the influence of Caravaggio, and indeed it is as prominent caravaggisti that they were largely remembered in histories of the Italian Baroque before Artemisia was rescued by feminist art historians with a natural interest in forgotten and neglected woman painters.
While most Italian collectors of Old Masters tend to confine themselves to amassing works of a single--usually local --school of painting, Pizzi's bold but nuanced thematic sweep embraces generations of Caravaggisti, not only from across Italy and the Spanish Kingdom of Naples but also from Northern Europe too.
Exactly this mode of transfiguration may be seen in Rembrandt, one of the true caravaggisti.
As Lidia began collecting the work of young artists, her father turned his attention to those long dead, acquiring predominantly gold-ground paintings and the Caravaggisti, along with the medieval sculpture in the chapel.