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Buyukcekmece Baraj Golu'ndeki Israil sazani Carassius gibelio (Bloch, 1782)'nun Buyumesi ve Uremesi.
In vivo genotoxicity evaluation of atrazine and atrazine-based herbicide on fish Carassius auratus using the micronucleus test and the comet assay.
Effect of azadirachtin on haematological and biochemical parameters of Argulus infested goldfish Carassius auratus (Linn.
This group is composed of Petromyzon marinus, species characteristic of the upstream of Aissi wadi (AmoA), Rutilus rutilus and Albirnus albirnus, common species to AmoA station (up sream of Aissi wadi) and Taks (Taksebt dam), and Aristichtys nobilis , Hypophtalmichthys molitrix, Carassius auratus, Cyprinus carpio var.
For example, Carassius auratus--"the king of goldfish"--was developed in Japan, later introduced to China, and brought illegally into Hong Kong by smugglers, from whom Leung procured them.
Study on the utilization of dietary carbohydrate by Mylopharyngodon piecus Richardson and Carassius auratus and their mechanism of metabolism.
Por lo anterior, el objetivo fue evaluar el consumo de pre-adultos de mosquito, el horario de mayor ingesta y la sobrevivencia de Carassius auratus, Pterophyllum scalare, Danio rerio y Xiphophorus helleri.
Ultrastructure of the swim bladder of the gold fish, Carassius auratus.
El examen macroscopico de las excretas revelo la presencia de varias especies de peces (Ictalurus pricei, Catostomus plebeius, Campostoma ornatum, Gila conspersa, Carassius auratus, Dormitator latifrons y Micropterus salmoides), crustaceos (Macrobrachium americanum, M.
mesopotamicus (23), Prochilodus lineatus (31) y Carassius auratus gibe lio (43) frente a exposiciones a TCF, en las cuales se observan multiples alteraciones renales y hepaticas.
Based on the results of this investigation, it can be concluded that it is not recommended to include the extract of tomato or of lycopene in feed for Carassius auratus or for Xiphophorus maculatus in order to improve pigmentation and growth, although other studies are required to demonstrate the antioxidant effect in fish and its contribution to health improvement.
For the analyses, we grouped taxonomically similar species to genus or family when at least one of them occurred at an average frequency < 1%, both in the electrofishing catches and in otter diet: two Carassius species, two Leuciscus species, cobitids and percids.
The first such fish keeping fish is Gold Fish( Carassius auratus).
Carassius auratus is the only widespread ornamental freshwater fish regularly released in the Middle East.