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Synonyms for caramel

firm chewy candy made from caramelized sugar and butter and milk

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burnt sugar

having the color of caramel

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Company officials cite a January 2017 Ipsos eNation survey of more than 1,000 American adults that found that 44 percent chose caramel as their favorite candy flavor to combine with chocolate, followed by mint at 19 percent.
Moreover, Julie Ann incorporates its caramels into numerous sweet confectionary treats: SuMores (flavored with one of the variety of sweet caramel flavors, mixed with the traditional mallow, graham cracker, and premium chocolate); Caramel Crispy Treats (a layer of flavored caramel sandwiched by a layer of rice crispy and then drizzled with more caramel and chocolate); Pretzels (wrapped in a caramel flavor then dipped in chocolate); and Caramel Ice Cream Sauce (the company's newest creation).
Terry: I'm a big fan of salted caramels and chocolate--so I was very excited to see this was our next test product.
SOFT CHOCOLATEY CARAMELS Toffee is even sweeter when it's homemade.
After months of tasting, testing and deliberating among thousands of the latest and finest culinary creations, a national panel of food experts and judges awarded Bissinger's Apple Ghost Chili Salt Caramel as a finalist.
Passion fruit "crme caramels" with raspberries (makes 6 ramekins) Ingredients For the caramel 75g caster sugar For the custards 220ml double cream 100ml full fat milk 1 vanilla pod split and seeds scraped 3 eggs 3 yolks 125g caster sugar 6 passion fruit 3 passion fruit for decoration Punnet raspberries Whipped cream Sprigs of mint and icing sugar Method 1.
The President's passion for Smoked Salt Caramels, produced by the artisan confectioner Fran's Chocolates of Seattle, led to total food and drink exports last year being valued at 9.65 billion pounds.
The name Fleur de sel refers to the "delicate crystals of sea salt carefully hand-harvested from the top layers of salt found in the marshes of Brittany, along the northwestern coast of France." Haagen-Dazs points out that, unlike regular table salt, fleur de sel has a "delectably subtle, nuanced salt flavor that's especially delightful when teamed with creamy caramels, as the French have discovered."
Nigay (Stand C/57), the expert in caramels will exhibit at FiE 2007 and demonstrate their three caramel types: aromatic caramels, caramel colours and caramel specialties.
Lavender fans will love this one from Oregon--a hearty floral combination of herb and salt mixed with melty, soft caramel. Lavender Fleur du Sel Caramels, $18 for 1/2 lb.; or 888/899-2022.
--Class one plain caramel colours: powdered no.626 and low-fade liquid Spirit caramels.
Since they are made without reactants, Class 1 Caramels are considered the most "natural" of Caramel Colors.
Caramel is supplied to the food industry in many forms, including caramel sauces, enrobing caramels, caramel discs, caramel powder, caramel bits...and now confectionery caramel chips and caramel chunks, as well.
THE HERSHEY CO., BASED IN HERSHEY, PA., has launched Hershey's Caramels, billed as "the perfect marriage of delicious Hershey's chocolate with smooth, creamy caramel."