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a colloidal extract from carrageen seaweed and other red algae


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Materials: Cellulose, gum Arabic and carageenan wereobtained from local market in A Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Production of L-glutamate acid by immobilized cell reactor of the bacterium Corynebacterium glutamicum entrapped into carageenan gel bead.
5% carageenan had better sensory scores for juiciness and tenderness when compared to either low-fat or full-fat controls (Huffman et al.
Other studies have shown that melatonin decreases inflammatory pain induced by formalin (98), carageenan (99) or glutamate (100) in rat and mice models.
KOPL is planning to set up a 2500-million-tonne plant for manufacturing Carageenan (thickening agent) in Patna (Bihar).
Carageenan was used to enhance the product's binding properties.
Rich in raw carageenan, it is said to increase libido as well as soothing the intestines, absorbing toxins and being beneficial for lung conditions.
These products include the surfactant (Savvy), the acidifying agent (buffer gel), and the adsorption inhibitors (PRO 2000, dextrin sulphate, carageenan and cellulose sulphate).
A new functional native starch from National Starch Food Innovation retains moisture in poultry products while eliminating the need for modified starches, sodium phosphate and carageenan additives.
The extracts can be incorporated into any of several edible films, including soy protein, whey protein, gluten protein, carboxymethyl cellulose, carageenan and pectin films.
Gelatinous polysaccharides agar, carageenan and funoran are now used extensively in the food business as stabilizers.
Carageenan, which is a seaweed gum produced by alkalai extraction, is similarly composed of linear molecular chains and can form a weak gel in the presence of milk.
Intact carageenan is a high molecular weight hydrocolloid (molecular weight 1.