Caragana sinica

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shrub with dark-green glossy foliage and solitary pale yellow flowers

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For stem extract of Caragana sinica (extract 3534.1) we succeeded in narrowing down the ADAM10-enhancing effect to sub-fractions of this extract and identified alpha-viniferin as one of its bioactive components.
From these four candidates, the extract of Caragana sinica (extract 3534.1) had the most promising potential.
Antioxidative oligostilbenes from Caragana sinica. Bioorg.
Simultaneous determination of the contents of three stilbene oligomers in Caragana sinica collected in different seasons using an improved HPLC method.
spontanea Stems-Stembark (Maxim.) E.H.Wilson 3367.1 Pyrus calleryana var.fauriei Fruits (C.K.Schneid.) Rehder 3413.3 Maackia fauriei (H.Lev.) Takeda Stems-Stembark 3534.1 Caragana sinica Buc'hoz Rehder Stems 3607A.3 Citrus tachibana (Makino) Yu.Tanaka Stems-Stembark 3642.1 Euphorbia jolkinii Boiss.