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the capital and largest city of Venezuela

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Thanks to his eneterprise and interest in studying our seismic history, with the best seismotectonic information available at that time, the seismic zoning for engineering purposes was immediately updated after the 1967 Caracas earthquake.
Departamento de Dermatologia, Clinica Sanatrix, Caracas, Venezuela; ([dagger]) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; and ([double dagger]) Laboratorio de Tuberculosis, Instituto de Biomedicina, Caracas, Venezuela
Fue en el volante de su taxi, o bien en la fabrica General Motors de Caracas, quien lo emplea hasta 1967, o quizas en el barrio popular Antimano de Caracas, donde ve el dia por primera vez el 11 de Julio de 1943, que Oscar Emilio Leon Dionisia, alias "El Diablo de la Salsa", alias El Leon, lanza sus primeras canciones y afila sus cuerdas vocales.
Before Rouhani's visit to Caracas, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, heading a 120-strong politico-economic delegation, traveled to Venezuela late August.
And Caracas are decent at home where they have lost just twice in the last year.
At San Pedro Claver Church in Caracas in late January, a collective crashed Sunday Mass and shouted insults at Fr.
Lufthansa does not plan to shut its office in Caracas.
American Airlines in March said it was scrapping a recently reinstated direct flight between Caracas and New York because of low demand.
In recent years, top officials in Caracas used to complain that PDVSA's ownership of Citgo had resulted in big losses for the Venezuelan state.
Line 5, which will serve southeastern Caracas, will eventually be 16 km in length and would cost a total of US$300m to build.
This new route gives our customers direct daily access between these two key markets for the first time and will also provide customers with highly demanded low cost service from South Florida to Caracas and further.
CARACAS, August 13, 2014 (WAFA) -- The Government of Venezuela opened on Wednesday an air corridor to allow humanitarian aids into the Gaza Strip, said a statement by the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2) Asimismo, para la epoca antes mencionada, se senala la presencia en la ciudad de Caracas del pianista Cesareo Suarez, quien residia en Ciudad Bolivar y fue considerado como ".
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - A widespread power outage left much of Venezuela in the dark Friday, and turned out the lights at a nationally televised presidential ceremony.
He said Spanish officials were in contact with Caracas "to try to re-establish a climate of reconciliation which has broken down.