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the capital and largest city of Venezuela

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In recent years, top officials in Caracas used to complain that PDVSA's ownership of Citgo had resulted in big losses for the Venezuelan state.
Line 5, which will serve southeastern Caracas, will eventually be 16 km in length and would cost a total of US$300m to build.
Tensions escalated after Obama signed in March an executive order that sanctioned Venezuelan officials associated with the crackdown on opposition protests in 2014 and declared Caracas a threat to Washington's national security.
This new route gives our customers direct daily access between these two key markets for the first time and will also provide customers with highly demanded low cost service from South Florida to Caracas and further.
The statement said the first airplane took off from the Caracas International Airport at 13:41 (Venezuela Time) and is expected to land at Ismailia Airport in Egypt, whereas other aid planes are expected to take off during the coming days.
Caracas "categorically rejects the unfortunate remarks" by Garcia-Margallo, "whose government has no moral authority to hand out advice on violence or dialogue when the world has seen how Spain's people have risen up to protest policies both exclusionary and in violation of human rights," a government statement said.
The Federal Legislative Palace, the Yellow House, the headquarters of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry and the Caracas Museum hosted the exhibition with the attendance of representatives of various accredited diplomatic missions in the capital.
Caracas: A blackout hit much of Venezuela including the capital Caracas on Tuesday, but the oil industry was not affected and the government said it expected power to be restored within hours.
dated June 8, 2005, to install a pilot system of GDTI's automatic threat detection software, PinPoint, at the Simon Bolivar Caracas International Airport, Venezuela.
Bernardo Weininger, el socio que dirige la practica de Arbitraje en la oficina de Caracas, afirma que los abogado de la firma han colaborado en la redaccion de las normas que rigen los centros de arbitraje en Venezuela y han participado en el desarrollo del arbitraje y otros mecanismos alternos para resolver disputas en la Republica Dominicana.
Aeropostal will place its "VH" designator code on American's flights between Caracas and three U.
Pier Bjorklund, a Viva consultant, commented as follows, "The announcement that plans are under way to commence daily service to Caracas is the Company way of saying that its plan for service within the Caribbean is progressing smoothly and appears to be easily expandable with the introduction of aviation equipment that we hope to soon be able to announce.
Foreign investors who come to Latin America are faced with different laws and legal systems, and with lawyers who practice in a different style," says Hernando Diaz-Candia, a partner in the Caracas office.
EDC provides electric service principally to metropolitan Caracas and surrounding areas and is the largest private-sector electric utility in Venezuela.
NYSE:IO), announced today the opening of an advanced imaging center in Caracas, Venezuela.